5 Reasons to invest now

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mark04, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. mark04


    1: Never before in history have we seen such explosive growth of the middle class worldwide. This means brand new markets everywhere for everything.
    2:History shows returns are much higher for a portfolio formed midway in a recession than one formed midway in a recovery.
    3: Despite the market run up since March, takeovers are everywhere which means market pros are seeing good value in select companies.
    4: Corporate bond yields are generous especially relative to treasuries
    5: Dividends, which are responsible for half the long term return of the market, are very attractive in certain companies

  2. romik


    IMO todays markets are not to be invested in, but to be traded. Don't get fooled by their propaganda. Recession can't be over with such high unemployment.
  3. Forex Trading forum?

    Did you take a wrong turn.....
  4. Nexen


    Unemployment is the last thing that fixes itself, no surprise here.
  5. romik


    Internet started the bull, etc. Where is the growth sector now? Simple question, simple answer.

  6. Shill.
    What are you shilling, you shilling shill?
    Post some true results, or pound your 5 points arseward.
  7. now? after the greatest run in history you want to invest now? you are about 6 months late. now i think you should wait for a retracement.