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  1. Greetings...

    I am new to this forum, but not new to trading.
    My background consists of a blend of institutional trading for various funds, including head trader for a London based hedge fund as well as personal trading in stocks, futures and options.

    I wanted to get away from the rat race of the hedge fund world (it's not as great as everyone thinks) and do my own thing. I currently trade some large managed accounts as well as my own (not as large) portfolios.

    After being in the markets for more than 20 years I have gained quite a bit knowledge and experience as far as what works and what don't. My focus is in researching, developing and trading structured strategies.

    I am not one of those guys who claim to double their money every six weeks. I generate consistent results of around 5% per month on average and I am up 22% ytd.

    Currently I only trade stocks, I guess you guys would say I am a swing trader, so I just make a couple of trades per day and hold a position anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

    I am thinking about posting my trades in this Journal in order to help those who would be pleased with my type of returns. After reading some of these posts it seems there are alot of misguided souls out there, no offense.

  2. perhaps a better way ... if you have the time

    to do so ... would be to start a blog ...

    so as to allow more people to gain insight

    from your thoughts than just us ET simple folks

    good luck in whatever you chose to do

  3. Sounds good.
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    'I wanted to get away from the rat race of the hedge fund world it's not as great as everyone thinks'

    Why would you say that? Can you explain in detail.
  5. As soon as you are a hedge fund everyone is breathing down your neck, second guessing your decisions and freaking out over every little dip in your equity curve. It becomes more about running a business and it's very easy to loose the focus on research and trading. Sure it's great for some and the financial rewards can be substantial, but it comes to a point when other things are more important. For me it is freedom...freedom to trade what I want, when I want, They way I want to. You become a slave to your investors, your backers and the regulators. I am a free man...
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    Welcome. I look forward to reading what you have to say. I'm definately interested in something that can offer a relaxed, continual compounding.
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    'The way I want to'

    Just hire a professional, knowledgeable, confident person with investment experience to deal with the clients. Make it a policy that manager will not be available for daily chit-chat with clients.

    There are many brokers who would love to quit their business for a salaried position.

    I do not agree with your points.......not that I am trying to argue.
  8. Toc,
    Fair enough, just one question;
    have you ever been a key figure in a hedge fund?
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    please do not take shelter behind the curtains that you left a big hedge fund because of getting pestered by the client....BS!

    It looks like you are trying to fool some folks into parting with their funds to your 5%/month pitch.
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    Greenhunt-I'd be interested in your trading ideas and maybe the reasoning behind your picks.
    Also,I don't know if you've done any reading on this forum but it seems that a lot of negative posters like to express negative comments rather than try to learn something.
    It's your journal, so don't get sidetracked
    by naysayers. Looking forward to gain something from your trading experiences
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