5% of black men in prison

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  2. That is a racist site, unlike Wikipedia.

    I believe in facts, not conjecture. I support helping our minorities not deporting them. Stormfront is racist.
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    Fuck you. You changed your first post, tying Obama and his "friends" to it. There was no reference to "support" in your original post before you edited it, which was after I called you out. You are a racist fuck and a lying piece of shit.
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    LOL! Gabby going off the deep end two days in a row. :D
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    Only a douche would provide a link to such filth.
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    I thought it was an early warning weather website! :p
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    Max E.

    The funniest part is that he is also a troll, yet he actually allows himself to get worked up by other peoples trolling.... you would think given the fact that he knows the game so well, he would not be susceptible to the same tactics....

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    :D Exactly!

    Gabby the troll, out trolled by troll wannabe jake jones.

    Is this place entertaining or what.
  9. be careful luke. . . you know Mod. Joe told you to lay off Jake.:D.
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