5 Monitors (2 over 3) stand

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  1. http://www.multi-monitors.com/product_p/5lcd-stand1.htm

    Am looking for a 2 over 3 monitor Stand/Mount (not arm) like the one above.
    However, I need to use 22in monitors at the bottom and the above one says "Supports up to 20 inch LCDs on bottom"

    Do you know any other similar products that support larger monitors?
  2. Buy an Egrotron DS-100 quad (2x2) and then buy the tripple arms. The tripple arms will fit up to 3x 24" monitors.

    These are 19" squares but there is a ton of room and they will fit up to 24" monitors on the tripple wide arm. Just make sure you get the right brackets so you can tilt/angle the top monitors.


  3. You can buy the DoubleSight Display Triple Monitor Stand and a Tier Extension for your top 2 monitors. These stands are very durable, check it out...

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