5 minutes forex trading system

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  1. Hi does anyone knows the 5 minutes Forex trading system ?

    IF yes what do you think about this ?

    thank you
  2. Techguy


    There are a bunch of them out there. Finding one that won't "quit working" is another matter.

    There are several intraday scripts at wealth-lab.com that can be tested and modified for FOREX to your hearts desire. Also the VisualTrading and MetaTrader platform guys are active at intra-day trading and system development.

    Always do your own backtesting, after all, it's your money at risk.
  3. If you wanna intra-day, then get used to metatrader. One of the best platform out there. And they also give you a demo acc that you can open up as well...
  4. A system?
    If you see a reverse hammer after a rise on a 5 min charts, short!
    That's a system.
  5. I believe this system is vended by Mr. Beau Diamond. There appears to be a large group of very satisfied customers for his systems, from what I have read on the various forex forums. However, the formula is not disclosed and you have to subscribe to get the levels which are necessary to run this system.

  6. trying to be the next WAXIE ?

    or forex made easy guru?

    or - - - - - - - ( put in the name of your favorite system vendor here )

  7. Seth,

    If you were referring to me, no... I am not Mr. Diamond. I am not even a customer of his. In fact, I did not like the fact that he asks for $200 for the course, and wouldn't reveal the formula. However, he does have a lot of satisfied customers evident from the postings on forex factory and moneytec.

    Maji :p
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    Hey Maji,

    How's life in New Orleans? I haven't corresponded with you in awhile and came across your thread so I thought I'd say hello.

  9. bmont


    Another con man.

    I asked the publisher of this system for documented proof that his method works. No "Hypotheticals". No "RealTime". Just REAL trades. How hard can that be?

    He fluffed me off saying "DON’T BUY MY SYSTEM if you’re that skeptical about it"

    Damn right I'm skeptical!

    When are people going to realize that their is no magic "Holy Grail" to trading. The longer people are willing to waste there money on this crap the longer these "charlatans" will continue to do business.

    Trading is a business that requires hard work. There is no magic formula. If you put in the effort you just might have a chance.

    Good trading.

  10. Look at the systems of successful FX traders. Observe the elements that make it successful and filter it out and combine them and add your own style and flair to it. Voila.
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