5 million people in default on student loans. Don't be the last guy on your block still paying.

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    Deben tener el control de sus finanzas, ahí es donde los padres deberían ingresar. Recuerda que este juego es tu educación, este es el problema en los Estados Unidos. La educación es muy costosa. Debe tener un plan de inversión a largo plazo para que ocurra este tipo de problema.
  2. Students may have better "control" of their finances than you think. They a
  3. (cont'd) They (students) are now in a position to just walk away from these loans. That's a lot of money they'll be saving.

    Millennials are on the internet a good portion of the day. No doubt this will soon be passed around. More and more will stop paying simply because others are not paying.
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    @wilburbear ....In recalling some of your previous posts (looking for the free lunch, total sense of self entitlement, etc.). I'm not surprised you posted this.

    But, you are sadely mistaken if you think student borrowers can walk away from contractual obligations scott free. The lenders will haunt them to the ends of the world. Credit ha, job ha, girlfriend/boyfriend ha. By the way, it is NOT A MILLENIAL thing, I happen to know many who meet their obligations , are advancing their life style, and are moving along very well in the soc/economic world .

    How are YOU doing ?
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    Right and amen-student loans are not bankruptable. NO wonder my dad + mom worked way thru college/scholarships. But if borrower dies,:caution: i think they forgive that then??
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    That might be true, not sure. Kind of a tough hurdle though !
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  7. What can they do if all of them stop paying all of sudden? (Serious question)
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    They get a visit from the sheriff, +a rather firm request to appear in court.I prefer cash but still dont want to trash my credit, even if i never use it.....:cool:
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    should be deductible as a business loss.
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