5 million chinese open brokerage in April

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bogan7, May 22, 2007.

  1. This is a mad stat that shows the incredible wall of money within China as 4.7 million brokerage accounts are opened LAST month. This bubble aint finished yet but man when it does burst!!!

  2. MattF


    just keep on bringing them in...man the amount of money flowing through there must be incredible...
  3. I bet tobacco use had gone up a ton in China. They love to smoke. I bet they got two or three going at the same time. One or two in the mouth, one in the hand and one in the ash tray.

    Smokin' da asses off watching their shit go up and down lol.

  4. get long those stocks then
  5. Yes I am and I know what you mean I have no alligence to to market either way just the intra day churning. I feel many people who hold positions will get wiped when the move comes. On the downside I pay a lot more in comms and havent got hold of the good move up BUT it is much less risky I feel.

  6. risky63


    they smoke......
    they drink......
    they gamble...... big time
    watch this.....