5 Mexican Generals plan for securing the border

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    He calls one proposal "the five Mexican generals plan," his strategy to curtail undocumented immigration. That's one that gets incredulous stares.

    "We divide 679 miles of border into five jurisdictions," Friedman explained to the fans at the book-signing, leaving unexplained why he wouldn't apply it to all 1,300 miles of the Texas-Mexico border. "To each jurisdiction we appoint a Mexican general.

    "To each of them, we hold $1 million in a bank account ... And we withdraw $5,000 every time we catch an illegal alien coming through his jurisdiction."


    Funny guy and a cheap idea that would probably make a huge impact in terms of securing the border. How many hundreds of millions does the Bush fence cost again?
  2. Maybe they should wall-in the USA. Hey, it works for this overseas "democracy"

    Don't you find it ironic that they are creating a Concentration Camp?


  3. I see a wall to keep illegals out, but nowhere do I see a concentration camp.
    Could you please post a picture or supply a link to prove that the U.S. is operating or creating a concentration camp along the southern border?
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    That's not the US, its Isreal. All we could manage was this a lousy fence