$5 homes for Katrina "victims" courtesy of the US taxpaer

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    <b>Can somebody PLEASE break Ali Baba's fingers and tape his mouth shut so that he can quit giving all this money and property away?</b>
  2. On the other hand, these people were basically left to die by W. Not that I enjoy giving away my money, but they're going to give it away anyway, and at least these people are in the US legally.....
  3. 50 mill here, 800 there, 200 billion thrown over here, maybe another trillion over there...

    big deal, just print more. oh wait. :eek:
  4. Think big picture. It would cost more to take them back. And yes they were hosed over quite well by Bush. I don't like bailing out the irresponsible, some of them are, but it makes more sense to let them have them then paying for shelters and such.
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    And while you're at it do something about those Dumbo ears will you?

  6. How do you figure they were "left to die?"
    Because the media told you? The same media that for weeks was talking of "10,000 dead" when the total was less than one fifth that. The same media who never mentioned Bush era Katrina relief amounted to 165 billion-a little more than we spend per year in Iraq which we never hear the end of? Ya wanna know the ugly truth? new Orleans was devastated in the recovery stage because the type of people who live in 'Nawlins are more suited to dealing drugs and bangin' than hanging drywall. Just the fact that people in this country-a place where just over a century ago immigrant settlers were battling Indians on horseback-that these folks NEED Uncle Sam to rebuild their lives after a friggin' STORM tells you MUCH MORE about black America, the left wing kook media than it does about Bush and the response.

  7. As I recall, the response by FEMA and our Federal government was anything but crisp, powerful, efficient, and effective.

    There was a horrible amount of confusion in regards to the chain of command. It was literally a "Who's On First???" keystone cop comedy between FEMA, state and local level agencies, Federal and National Guard soldiers, non-government charities, etc.

    I believe that Katrina made landfall around 6AM, Monday August 29th.

    7 days after firm predictions of a Cat 4 Hurricane, a convoy of several dozen trucks and buses rolled into New Orleans carrying food, water, and other supplies. (Friday, Sept. 2nd).

    Compare this to the Indian Ocean earthquake of 2004 (tsunami) that the Indonesian government had to deal with, in which they delivered 175 tons of food only 2 days after the disaster.

    But hey, "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job!"

  8. More money going to some negro on wellfare to pay for the 5th baby... what else is new...
  9. anybody remember lootie? :p

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