5 gold futures contracts??

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  1. looking on IB I found 5 gold futures contracts (us-based) not sure if there are more?

    ZG nyseliffe full size
    8Q nymex emini 1/3
    MGC nymex emicro 1/10
    QO nymex miny 1/2
    GC nymex full size

    so the full sized GC is obvious but what bout the others? why does nymex have so many? which is the preferred mini to trade? I typically trade CL and QM (mini CL) and was looking for the same in gold.

  2. GC is it. For all the others volume is low and consequently the spread is painfully wide, like an overzealous gynecologist cranking a speculum wide. If your horizon is wider than a contract's duration, you might look at the ETF GLD. Spread is usually a penny.
  3. thanks for the reply
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