5 expensive trading courses 4 sale (cheap)

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  1. 1. Chicago Floor Trader Course
    I purchased this one 1 year ago for $7000.00 US
    I have all the original material and I am willing to help you learn it.
    Asking $700.00 (Now thats a savings)

    2. Russell Sands Turtle trading workshop videos (12 plus workbook)
    I paid $2000.00 US
    Asking $250.00

    I paid $1000.00
    Asking $200.00

    4. www.rjhtrading.com
    This one was the best so far
    I paid $4000.00 US
    Asking $1000.00

    or buy all 5 for one low price of $ 1600.00

    I am selling my original material NOT copies if you are interested in saving thousands of dollars call me for details.

    905 569 1773
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    and with all those "amazing systems" you to can be a successful trader.
  3. Why sell these? Do you make a living trading using what you learned? If so, why sell at pennies on the dollar. Display them on a bookshelf in your office.
  4. the russell sand's turtle site is super super FUNNY ! "please shut your door, turn off the TV, etc, etc and LISTEN to what i have to say" dude, if that does not sound moronic, not sure what does.

    thanks for the laughs,

    surfer :)
  5. Well in my honest opinion the price that Im reselling them for is what they should have been sold to me for. There true value in terms of trading results.

    They are certainly not the grail but we all know only GOD has that.

    Yes they were all valuable in some way to my education and any edge we can get that keeps us ahead of the pack in this game is worth the price.

    JUST not that much ...... hehe.
  6. You could probably donate them to a charity and receive a tax deduction worth more than you are selling them for.
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    Good call. Provided one has an income to deduct against. :D
  8. imagine telling the auditor from the IRS you spent $7000.00 on a "trading course" ! LOL !!!


    surfer :D
  9. Please keep the editorials to a minimum and let the guy sell his courses.

  10. Surf...

    That is Funny!!!!


    Good Trade!!

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