5 dead after honor killing in France

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    Dupont de Ligonnes with his now deceased family

    An intelligent, hard-working man of noble stock with a loving, traditionalist Catholic wife shot his whole family and fled.

    He apparently feared his wife would divorce him if she found
    out that all his businesses had failed and that the elderly lady he
    slept with wanted her money back. His children were also thought that he was a successful man who made a lot of money.

    This is just another tragedy caused by unfair no-fault divorce laws. This man killed his own wife and children, committing a horrible crime, in order to save his honor.

    In my opinion, he does not deserve the same punishment as, say, a random serial killer. His acts are understandable to some degree. Of course, most likely he won't allow himself to be captured.

  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    what drugs are you on? his acts are not understandable to any degree. he is a complete lunatic that should be executed for his crimes against the innocent, or - at the very least - tossed into the deepest, darkest dungeon for the rest of his miserable life with nothing but the pictures of the "loved" ones he murdered.

    he is the filth of the world. caused by "unfair divorce laws". right. dope.
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    He has already punished himself in one of the most horrible ways possible : by destroying his own family. Stupid people sometimes kill their own family members because they don't understand the consequences of their acts. But this guy was not stupid. There are lots of similarities between him and George Sodini. Both were educated, relatively well-off men. They would have been pillars of their respective communities had they lived 50 years ago when patriarchy was still the norm. But Sodini slaughtered the innocent, while Dupont de Ligonnes slew his own blood relatives.

    He got silencers for his guns 6 months ago, and started voicing his discontent with the corruptions of modern society and the church on the website of a theological society he participated in for years. Instead of comprehension, he was banned and many of his posts censored. He claimed, among other things, that he had abstained from sex until his marriage in his 30s; that he spend many months during his adolescence voluntarily secluded in Abbeys out of fear of sin, and that he learned latin as a young child out of piety (see sources here).

    He knew that his family was not going to accept his failures. And he was convinced that his wife would break the Sacred Vow rather than renounce her comfortable lifestyle. The irony is that this may not have been true, but I can't blame his cynicism given the divorce rates in the West. He had little choice but to save his honor by killing them all.

    I can't bring myself to dislike this man, though I abhor his crime.
  4. You are crazy if you think this way. What he did was way worse than a serial killer because he absolutely betrayed the ones that loved him and trusted him the most.

    How anyone can call this honor is beyond me. This degenerate was all about himself. He cared so much about what others thought of him, that he would kill them before they found out what a liar and stupid businessman he was? If this guy believes in God and an afterlife, surely the moment his family died they knew what a piece of shit he is.