5 days before the election- Jobs report

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  1. I would suspect to see an outstanding jobs report today, and then have the president out today talking up what a great economy we have. This will give everyone the whole weekend to ponder their personal situation.

    We could very well see a big up day today if the jobs report is over 200k the market will go nuts.

    The Republicans will pounce and have talking points all weekend.

  2. Even if we do get a good report most voters have made up their mind. I dont think todays report will change it.

    The republicnas will try though.
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  4. Here is what I think.

    Good numbers: The economy looks good, oil going down, everything is good....rally.

    Bad numbers: Fed is probably done increasing rates, wage inflation should not be a problem.....rally.

    I think there are lots of people that are long because they did not expect the market to go down before the elections. If for some reason the market closes down today (about 1%), lots of people could try to exit and we could possibly see a huge sell-off on Monday.
  5. IMHO the job report will be a non event
  6. The numbers will be great just watch. Their is no way these numbers will be weak, five days before the elections.

    Hang on here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. LMAO ..........................you nailed it.......funny gov`t fodder.
  8. haha... 4.4% unemployment???

    Does anyone actually believe this with all the layoffs every day???

    :D :D
  9. All I can say is - funny numbers
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