5 day forecast Ten Year Note

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by drmarkan, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. I was wondering what people's take on the Ten Year Note is. I think we see the yield drop looking at stochs and MACD. With a set of fast stochs up that are overbought and a slow set of stochs sitting in the mid range, I think we see a turn down with no new highs being experienced. What I would really like is someones take on the MACD. The momentum looks like it is shifting to me, but I could be reading it wrong. Any opinions would be appreciated.
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    What service do you use to see the yield curve?

    I have tried csb.marketwatch; cnnfn.com and Bloomberg to no avail..

  3. Rick Santelli called it a couple of weeks ago, high yield is in for the year, it should move lower.
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    If you do not have a "real-time" quote, then try ^TNX on Yahoo.


    Good 'ole Rick did call it pretty close so far!
    I had a nice trade off the 4.58 top.
    Bought 'em at 108 yesterday.

    A close above 108 '16/below 4.50 is a Bullish sign.
    I think they could go to 109/ 4.4 and stall this week.
  5. Yahoo is the chart that I used. Unfortunately, I do not have esignal anymore. If anyone does, I would really appreciate it if someone posted a chart with the 14,3,3 stochs and a 5,35 oscillator on the daily chart. This may sound weird to some, but it would really help me out.

    Excellent trade Surdo. I was thinking that 4.4 was a good target as well. At least by the end of the week/open on Monday.
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