5 cents into 5000000K

Discussion in 'Politics' started by FasterPussycat, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. i think i can do. what do you think?

  2. hehe
  3. mjt


    You screwed up the home page. :mad:
  4. yes!

    you can do it!

    don't need nuttin'! i'm talkin bout the man in the mirror! take a look at yo self, and make that CHANNGEE!!!!

    uh uh yeah thbbt

  5. mjt i would just like to say to you..........

    kiss my (*)
  6. supercool:cool: dark
  7. i'm a baaaaaaaaadddd mannnn! hehe
  8. Magna

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    I think there's no question you can do it. In fact, NVDA is due for a monstrous rally which seems to have begun today.... (sorry, couldn't resist the reference :))
  9. that's a death blow to this thread. and it held such promise:(
  10. Rigel


    Don't know why he moved it. The percentage increase, 5 cents into 5000000K, is much greater than 50k into 1000k or 5k into 500000k, so there must be more value here. This thread should be at the top of the list.:confused:
    I can do it!
    (I wish there was a dorky happy-face. Maybe with buck teeth and crossed eyes.)
    #10     Aug 19, 2002