5.20% CD terms 6mo to 10 years. too good to be true?

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  1. My question is, what does this have to do with trading?
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  2. nkhoi

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    Fidelity is pleased to announce this week’s New Issue Agency / GSE offerings:

    Name Coupon Maturity Rating Call Protected Price
    FHLB 5.20% 09/21/2007 Aaa/AAA* Yes** 100.00
    FHLB 5.25% 04/02/2009 Aaa/AAA* No** 100.00
    FNMA 5.40% 03/29/2010 Aaa/AAA* No** 100.00
    FHLB 5.55% 04/12/2012 Aaa/AAA* No** 100.00
    FFCB 5.60% 03/26/2013 Aaa/AAA No** 100.00
    FHLB 5.875% 04/03/2017 Aaa/AAA* No** 100.00
    FHLB 6.04% 03/28/2022 Aaa/AAA* No** 100.00

    *Moodys/S&P Ratings
    ** * Call Protected "Yes" means the bond is not callable. Call Protected "No" means the bond is callable.
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  3. Surdo


    Believe it or not, some of us actually MAKE MONEY trading and need to set aside some of our earnings outside of a trading account.

    el surdo
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  4. 5.2, lol

    Im getting 6.25 on insured 3 year paper.
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  5. I miss these interest rates from last year. :(

    All my CD's are coming due within the next several months.

    No more 5%+ CD's anymore.
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  6. Surdo


    No $hit Sherlock!
    No more free money.
    This thread had some hair on it, nice work dusting it off.
    It's not even worth putting the futures account in a T Bill any more@ 1.55%.
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  7. Its almost like a PUNISHMENT To save money

    unfortunatly..every asset class is going down so ur almost better off taking the measly 2.5% than even risking ur money in illiquid assets or a percieved commodity bubble

    Very tough times

    thank God for trading :)
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  8. so by your logic, i should post a thread titled "what car or sofa should i get?" in the trading forum, because some of us make enough money in trading to buy a car or sofa.

    dumb logic.
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  9. As of March 28, 2008 HSBC, EMMIGRANT and SUN TRUST all paying less than 3.5 % and it will go lower with more rate cuts.

    Invest in Stocks and Real estate asset classes your results wil be far better than 5% that you are looking at.

    Now you know why the Fed rate cuts are working? You are running from pillar to post finding a place to park cash. Rewind circa 2000-2003 what did follow after Fed rate cuts ?

    1/ Bull market in stock and equities
    2/ Red hot Real estate markets

    Can you make some serious money?
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