5.20% CD terms 6mo to 10 years. too good to be true?

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  1. Emigrant Bank markets itself as a low-cost bank. They pass those cost savings back to customers in the form of higher rates on CD's, savings accounts and checking accounts.
  2. HSBC online is paying 6% in a MONEY MARKET account right now.

    Completely liquid.
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    5.247% on 4 week Tbill 3-6-2007
  4. 5.2% is ok, but I wouldn't want to leave it there 10 yrs to mature.

    Various money markets are paying 5-5.5% and completely liquid.
    Unfortuately HSBC is only good thru 4/30/07.

    Though I wouldn't do it, Ford Motor credit offers 5.9 - 6%+ but it isn't FDIC backed.
  5. That promo rate is good until April 30, 2007. It then reverts to 5.05%.

    Still not a bad rate.
  6. Stick 10k in a Sun Trust account for 3 months, make 2.25% on the money plus a free round trip plane ticket. Assuming the flt would cost you $200, not a bad return.
  7. It depends on your age and finance. A 60 year old couple with cash might be very happy getting 5.2% without risk or change for up to 10 years.
  8. I was looking for CD's whose term ends in December of 07. 5.2% is by far the highest I've seen for that duration cd.
  9. I am getting my 5.75% from my credit union so I can see how Immigrant does it. I have a good chunk there in their regular savings getting 5.05%.
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