$5,000 entry with training Plus, Plus

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  1. Bootcamps aside, when is the next scheduled Advanced Training class this year? Will it run concurrent with a bootcamp type thing or seperate?
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    January 12th and 13th
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  3. "It seems too much like a technique to run new cattle through and grab fees. There is no reason anyone should pay any fee to get a chance to sit next to good traders and try to learn as much as you can. "

    i dont know too many good traders that want to mess around teaching newbees for free. its all downside and no upside for him. if you ever find an experienced profitable trader that will allow you to sit beside him and teach you the ropes you had better be very nice to him.
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    You know, most firms offer give a % of commish and profits to the traders that take on the mentoring position. That's the real incentive. Supposedely Bright already does that. Plus, people love to talk about themselves and about what they do so some traders actually like to train others.

    But the whole fee thing makes it sounds a simple volume game to run cattle through and grab as many fees as possible. You are already putting down money and paying exorbitant rates. Even though most new traders will fail, that cap is like money in the bank for Bright or any other prop firm in that matter. The fee is unnecessary. New guys are being jacked with the fee.

    There are quite a few firms that do not take any fee and train their traders. I had some training and then I evolved myself by learning from the better traders. I did not have to pay any fee for that.
    Don Bright paints an image of himself that he is looking out for traders' best interests, especially newbies. Then he puts this deal on the table which is simply shady.

    What's the real deal here Don?
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  5. Thanks for the comments...the "real deal" is that we do spend a lot of time teaching the industry about trading...and we teach at the colleges, give free workshops to those who will Never be Bright Traders...it is something that Bob and I do to "give back" a bit to an industry that has been very good to us. Our Community College students will never trade at Bright, but they now handle their own finances much, much better. We teach these 5 week courses, several times per year.

    The "deals" that are offered often simply reflect what is being asked by those who don't have the financial wherewithal to begin a business of any sort...so we try to tailor a plan that works.

    We have dozens of "plans" and "deals" ...and we Want the Trader's to "be free" of all "plans" ASAP, (usually a small stake of only $15K, so that they arent' hassled by any restricitions. Many other firms keep leashes via payouts etc. on their traders....we want the Independent Type people, not the endentured servants of the past.

    As I have said before...make a proposal that makes sense, come to our headquarters, and we will give it consideration.....we want to continue to grow the industry (and since the poaching has pretty much stopped, we feel much better about training both "new and established" traders alike. Don't get caught up in "ego's" and games, by people on this board or anywhere else.

    This is a serious business, and although we have fun on this board, we treat our traders and our business very seriously.

    Keep showing me alternative ideas via PM and emails...


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  6. This thread was started Oct 2001. Does this offer still exist?

    If it does, then it significantly beats all the other offers out there!

    Some of the best (few remaining) firms offer $10,000 and sometimes $5,000 initial capital required.

    Some firms call Training:
    1) sharing trading methods that are current or actually work
    2) open discussions throughout the trading day
    3) providing access to other remote trader in the firm through an Instant Msngr service
    4) acquainting one with their software....

    Training actually connotates some form of organized sessions whether or not they're virtual, physical (as being in a clasroom) or otherwise. Training certainly does not mean any of the preceeding four (4) items....

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  7. This offer is a response to many requests, and yes, we will entertain this (and similar) requests....all of our training is held in our corporate office in Las Vegas, and can last a couple of months or a lifetime (yes, some actually chose to stay with us for an extended period).

    PM or call me. I'll be back in my office on Friday.

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  8. I'm just posting this "beta test" up again for any of you that might be serious about getting started in March of this year. The "beta test" class has traders coming to our Vegas location as soon as March 1...and they will filter in through the 5 day class week of March 15-19. The full 2month boot camp applies of course. Since we will be adding a number of College student/Interns/graduates around June...it makes sense to have those of you who can get started sooner to take advantage of this program.

    Thanks for the emails & PM's to date. Let's get another 4 or 5 serious traders involved. A "sample" plan was posted above, and we're open to variations thereof.

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  9. bjb1963


    Exactly. This "deal" that Don is talking about has got to be the biggest rip off to any professional trader. How you "sell" people into thinking this is a good deal Don is absolutely beyond me.

    And although I have never been to a Bright Boot Camp, and admittedly I never will. Why in the world are you charging for the damn thing? People, there are plenty of prop firms out there that will give you a deal like Dustin stated with the proper training for FREE.

    And please, don't bother to PM me. I don't want to be accused of "advertising". But come on guys........this deal is awful.
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  10. Yes, and even though I don't know you..or anything about you (as you don't know anything about us or our various programs, obviously)...I can say simply...once again, that we are responding to requests, tailoring our low entry plans to the trader needs, and we have the best training plan out there...and we work really hard to make this happen.

    And, yes, many firms will "train" you for free...and of course I could add "you get what you pay for"...but I don't want to fall to that level.

    Since we provide the capital to trade well, including a $million or more for opening strategies, I feel very comfortable helping new people do well.

    Anyway, negotiate a deal that makes sense, we're here....

    All the best...

    Don :cool:
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