$5,000 entry with training Plus, Plus

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  1. i don't see how paying a $.01 a share and having a 50/50 split can work. i think it might take a year for a very good trader to even get close to making 15,000 net on that deal. i think a new guy is done before he ever gets started. i don't see bright taking any risk at all. what if you lose the 2000 you put in the account cause 3000 is already gone. i don't know if bright will still let you trade. i'm sure you can't overnight stock and that is were a .01 a share in less of a factor. so on a trading deal this is about the worst i heard. i have to be honest i don't no the bright brothers well and maybe they are great traders. they might have a damn great mentor program too. i think your giving away 5000 if you look at it on a trading deal but maybe its worth 5000 on a mentor deal .
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  2. I'm not advocating for any firm here. But its about time Bright offered such deal. The deal only sucks b/c of the payout and 2k fees. Many firms outhere offered much better deal than this but, bright trading, unlike many otehrs does provide a "balance sheet". That keeps a trader from worrying that the firm would blow, lets trader focus on trading. In regards to the penny per share that sounds fine. If you suck, then no commission schedelu will keep you here.
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  3. Here's the deal. forget the mentoring. trade for free and split the profits.
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    For the guys that come in with nothing down and a 25/75 split, what is their commission per share? Still one cent????
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  5. no offense ... but what has kept you guys in business so long?

    lots of other prop and daytrading firms have blown up over the years .

    you guys must be doing something BRIGHT !!

    happy new yr ... and please bring some real traders to
    the expo to talk ... besides yourself and your brother

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  6. If you plan on making only $500 per day, you would keep $250 so, it's possible in 10 weeks...but I will take longer than that...probably 6 months or so. And many will never make it...and you'll know that even with the best assistance that maybe trading isn't for you ... and at least you had a solid opportunity, with an unlimited upside ...

    And....(for those that actually plan on running a business)...you can always add your money to the account for a full payout....come on guys...

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  7. You've got to be kidding? Free. What charity did the guy say he worked for? Look, I don't know Don and he dosen't know me, but from experience, I know that good training won't get you to your goal unless you work at it and have at least some talent. The guy is a businessman trying to maintain his own interests. It seems to me that it is in his interest and his customer's interest, to do a good job training people and then provide the tools necessary for success. Do your homework, find out what you need to know to have confidence in your choice, and then place your bet. The rest of it sounds like little children complaining that they dropped their ice cream cones. Steve46
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  8. Sorry Don, This was a response to an earlier post.
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  9. You have to learn reading between the lines Zzzteve

    If the courses are not profitable why risk money in prop trading? Bright will keep some of the 50 k if you start losing to much?

    And why would Bright tell half America about the profitable edges?

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    First off, I do not know either of the Brights, but from an outsider's perspective, I see a lot of envious people who probably blew their accounts out and are pissed at the world and direct their negativity towards theBrights. The market is a game between have and have nots, and the haves make their money off of the have nots. You have to pay if you want to play and $1000 is a small price to pay to learn about trading from people who obvious know what the hell they are doing and are not just a fly by night LLC. Trading is a business. Nothing more nothing less. For all you folks who bitch and moan about $1000, its is obvious that you should not be trading if $1000 is going to break your bank. Look at how many prop shops have closed doors once the easy money was gone, and who is still left standing ? There is a reason that Bright trading is still around and i don't think it is because they have a shitty business plan. It takes money to make money, and the low entry barrier that Bright gives you, allows you the "chance" and the tools to make the money if you can back your shit up. If you are all talk, the market will eventually determine your fate, and send you home with a broke bank and an ego to match, but with a little luck, some education, and a hell of a lot of determination, you can play with the big boys. Will everyone make 7 figures ? NO!. Can everyone be a successful trader ? NO! Everyone has a comparitive advantage in different occupations, but Bright offers you the chance to find out if you were meant to be a trader, and with their training, smaller economies of scale, and access to capital, the odds are a hell of a lot better than being undercapitalized and trading retail. The opportunity is there, the outcome is what you make it. And regardless of that outcome, when all is said and done, it was YOUSELF that either succeeded or failed. Many will pay, but in the end, few will be left to play. Bob sells the tickets, the destination is what your determination makes it. All aboard.
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