$5,000 entry with training Plus, Plus

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  1. "If this is the case, then why would anyone in their right mind sign up for a seminar costing thousands of dollars when they can read 300 books on the subject for the price of the postage from tradersbrain.com"

    you dont learn to trade from books. you have to get in there and do it. you will learn a lot more sitting beside experienced profitable traders for a few months than all the books combined.
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    Give it a rest...Bright is just offering another possible alternative for those who want to get into this business. What other business can you start for $5000 and have access to a million dollar inventory? Why doesn't everyone jump all over the Small Business Administration every time they encourage someone to start a small business...after all 95% of those small businesses fail! And those dams banks trying to lend me money to start a business (they never told me I had to pay interest!).

    I am not a Bright cheerleader..I am not even with the firm anymore but at least they offer different options and are honest and upfront about the expenses/fees. If the deal or the firm is not for you then go elsewhere but maybe this deal will work well for some people!

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  3. We have a zillion other plans, many that I think are much better for the trader with money...this is simply a planned response for those with small money and who want to be trained and mentored by serious traders...just a beta test....

    The seasoned trader should put up his own money and pay .4 or so and keep 100%, and I prefer that...but not everyone has already made enough to do so....

    How about this...you guys submit something that makes sense to both the trader and the firm for someone with no track record, no experience, little money, but a strong desire to learn. Something that you would be willing to back up with your own money...and I will give it serious consideration. We can start a group of our own, and I'll even provide the B/D (to save the first $$$). Any ideas?

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  4. Don
    What is your track record for mentoring newbies?
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  5. don,

    how about the new trader puts up ZERO money but splits profits with you 30/70, then 50/50, then whatever. this would eliminate any negative press that you are just churning newbies. ofcourse, the screening process will have to be strong.

    looking forward to hanging with you in NYC.


    surfer :)
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  6. here are a couple of mentors i found on the net.when you look at what mentors get it 5k doesnt seem that much to have bob bright (sorry don i think bob makes the big bucks.lol) mentor you for weeks\months. i wouldnt worry too much about splitting profits. newbees dont make much profits.

    Day session, one-on-one with Charles Holt
    For those traders that prefer one-on-one, a one or two-day session can be scheduled, time permitting.
    $2,000 per day

    Price: $699 per day
    or $2900 per week
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  7. We have similar programs, usually 25/75, but then it forces the question " who in their right mind wouldn't want to Double their share of their income by putting up a little money?" The firm's that have (used to anyway) do this would lock up the traders $$ for months or years, and we really want to avoid having that "negative reality" of that nonsens...and give the traders a chance to be free very soon).

    Judging by the emails, there seem to be quite a number who seem interested in some similar arrangement. We're just "testing the waters" ...not looking for any big hassles.... We just want to offer many alternatives to all sorts of traders.

    See you in NYC...


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  8. Since all of our traders have been considered independent, and not employees, we really haven't really kept a "track record" of those who came through the various training programs (heck, some have even gone on to other firms...not so much anymore since the rate changes, but in the past).

    Our gauge shows that the traders with training far outnumber those who chose to "go it alone"...by at least 50% ....and even though I would love to "use" that number for discussion/attraction purposes, I don't.

    With all of our expansion into different arenas, including the special programs that are coming on board, I will see about keeping a more detailed account.
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    I just wish I was in the states so I could join. The mentoring alone is more than worth it.
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    was in 5-day trial real time chat room, never went near it again, enuff said.
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