$5,000 a day/shift to radioactive jumpers

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  1. In its attempt to bring the plant under control, TEPCO is looking for "jumpers" - workers who, for payment of up to $5,000 a shift, will rush into highly radioactive areas to do a quick task before racing out as quickly as possible.

    "My company offered me 200,000 yen ($2,500) per day," one subcontractor, unidentified but in his 30s, told Japan's Weekly Post magazine.

  2. "jumpers" sounds too neat, clean and tidy.

    In the nuke leak cleanup business they are known as "glow boys".

    Not a good career choice.
  3. Cockroaches can survive radiation. Cockroaches will survive nuclear explosion.

    People who have incurable diseases such as cancer they can earn $5000 a day and provide life time support to their families.
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    They should let some non-violent criminals earn their freedom that way. No $$$ required.
  5. Idea....cover yourself in cockroaches and then do the job!
  6. There was an excellent documentary by the BBC about radiation called nuclear nightmares where they said only 74 of the 400,000 liquidators from the chernobyl died from the radiation directly and that actually small amounts of radiation can boast a persons defenses against cancer a study done in a city in Iran where background radiation is 100 times the average supported this
  7. Wear the lead, (Pb), jockstrap to be on the "safe side". :D
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