$5.00 Stock and Option Trades

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  1. As an ET Sponsor, Cobra Trading would like for you to try out our new Venom platform which offers $5.00 stock and option orders. Please visit the below link to visit our site.


    Venom is a fully customizable trading platform which has no monthly minimums or software charges.

    Thank you in advance for taking a look.
  2. + .95/contract ? yikes !
  3. Nice fine print you got there:
    * Add $0.75 per contract to base rate for options. For stocks and ETFs priced under $1.00, add $0.005 per share for the entire order. A surcharge of $0.005 per share applies to any trade executed before 9:30 am ET (Pre-Market Trading) or after 4:00 pm ET (Post-Market Trading).

    So anyone trading 1000 shares of a penny stock has to pay an extra $5 per trade.

    Is there a way to get a demo without having to contact your firm personally and give away my information?
  4. Apologies to all for the teaser email for our Venom Trading website, www.venomtrading.com.

    Venom Trading is our online platform which offers flat ticket $5.00 stock and option trades. There is a $0.75 per contract charge for options and there is an additional charge of $0.005 per share for stocks priced under $1.00.

    The additional fee for stocks under $1.00 is a fee we pass along due to our clearing firm assessing a fee for low priced securites.

    All of this said, if you are a high volume trader and would prefer to use a direct access platform at our main site www.cobratrading.com, tell me what it takes for your business. I am confident we can meet or beat our competitors pricing. Just tell me what it takes.

    Have a great weekend ET traders!
  5. Maybe I'm blind but I see .95 cents per contract not .75 - I'd take a SS and upload it but I can't be bothered.

    From the website in 3 places:

    "Options All Platforms $5.00+ .95 per contract"