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  1. Anyone have any experience with www.virtualdaytrader.net
    I'm going to e-mail them to see if I can get more info.
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    Circle the wagons.
    The spammers are attacking!
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    Now be fair, check out all the posts from this individual before making a judg...oh...
  4. Their Virtual-Day TraderPRO Level II is only $265 per month.
    That ought to make up for their $5 commissions. Company is
    an off-shoot of Good ol' Speedtrader.

    At least they have come down in price. I think they used to
    charge about $15 didn't they? They are even registered in
    21 states! Wow!

    Extra bonus for high volume traders! And the charts are
    fantastic. Top of the line. (NOT) They have no telephone. They
    have no office. They don't advertise. You must send money
    by wire. To their offshore account... :) No, actually they
    look like they are in San Francisco, CA.

    No IRA accounts. Looks like the same software Speedtrader
    has had for years. I wonder why they don't upgrade it at
    least once in awhile? Virtual Daytrader is a scaled down
    version of Speedtrader.

    On one of their wiring pages they have an address where you
    can send a check. Hmmmmm. Contradiction? And you can fax
    or mail for funds? I thought they said they were an email
    outfit only? $2000 minimum to open an account. I guess you
    need this amount to use margin. I guess you get your
    confirmations by email. Doesn't mention this anywhere.

    Nice. I can't even get to the bottom of the margin info page.
    They say they can change margin requirements at any time
    and liquidate your account without warning! Great! Best not
    do any long term trading with these guys.

    My first impression. These guys are spooky.

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    Whatever you think of it (and actually I think what Rigel thinks), the post is in the wrong forum. There is a forum "Direct Access (retail)" for this.
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    Well, I hope I'm not wrong, but the software looks like the one I know under the name of "EXP-Trader" - I used to be with www.daytradeaustria.com for a while (no spam, I don't think there are too many from Austria on the Board :D ).

    Overall I was very satiesfied (especially with the german speaking service) - but I found the Charts very weak !

  7. is there any other daytrading brokerage out there that charges $5 or less?

    I want to make a move from www.tradeportal.com. I'm paying them $17.95 per trade, and It's eating my profits.

    My ? was not spam $%#&#@*.
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    is there any other daytrading brokerage out there that charges $5 or less?

    The only one that I'm aware of would be IB, assuming you're trading in lots of 500 shares or less.
  9. www.nobletrading.com told me on friday that they would give me $4 per trade if I do 100 trades per day. I trade about 20 times now and 1000 share lots.
  10. 4 dollars plus-

    ISLAND adding liquidity FREE
    ISLAND taking liquidity away $0.0025 debit per share
    INCA Direct (Watcher only) $0.01 per share
    ARCA Direct $0.005 per share
    REDI Direct (Watcher only) $0.005 per share
    BRUT Direct (Watcher only) $0.005 per share
    NTRD Direct (Watcher only) $0.005 per share
    DOT & PERS (Listed) $0.005 per share
    SelectNet $0.90 per trade
    SelectNet Cancels $0.25 per trade
    INCA via SelectNet $0.015 per share
    SuperSOES $0.10 per trade + $0.001 per share
    SuperSOES Cancels $0.25 per trade

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