4x4k displays embedded GPU

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    that is interesting.
    I was thinking of replacing my four 32" monitors
    with Samsung U32H850 monitors.

    U32H850 resolution is 4K.
    so that GPU suits me well.

    The older Samsung model S32D850T has resolution of 2K.
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    The costs of a computer are insignificance to your other trading costs but you don't need multiple 4K monitors to trade. Screen real estate is nice though. More real estate is great.

    Remember that dedicated GPUs have their own high-speed RAM too. The Ryzens use much slower system RAM so performance in anything other than 2D apps may suffer.

    Anyone who has tried, please report back with your real world experiences.

    I happily work here with 2x2K monitors and 2x1440 monitors rotated vertically on either side (real IPS panels, not cheap TN panels)
  6. Sheesh, I just bought 2 alienware 34'' curved monitors after 10 years of a shitty dell monitor, you guys are legends.
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    Technology seems to have moved, low cost, low or no noise PC in a small case that supports 4*4k display. No need for expansion slots. Intel can only offer three displays if you have the correct motherboard otherwise two displays at a greater cost.
  9. No worries. If AMD's chip is a success, Intel will soon be along with their similar version.

    But nobody has to "upgrade to the most recent chip/mobo". If their rig is older, all they need to do is buy an appropriate video card.
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