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  1. SORRY!! dear friends for the caps I'm trading i focus on charts and rates...i didnt even know i wrote all in caps till now... sorry for this...but still I truly belive that with the same money you can buy signal services in so many diferent sites for 26 months....

    this is having analysts and people checking minute by minute the market for you...so they let you know when to buy and sell they will send you an email, a txt msge to your cell and if you are online a message to your messenger system....

    and I think an average position from different alert/signal service is better than a software tht is not telling you what to do but just showing you whats happening in market...

    plus like I said there is softwares like metatrader and visual trader that you can set up with your own alerts sounds arrows colors etc for free...try is fun and is more challenge.

    ok im doing some scalping so i will read you guys later...

    have a great trade!!!
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  2. Much easier to read CASHMONSTER.
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  3. The MACD is a cross system, and I use it, but a new trader may not understand that it LAGS, its not an instant indicator.

    But I can imagine, trying to trade a currency pair, and getting my head ripped off on quick move looking at their "software", with a 9 minute lag, lol!.
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  4. nlslax


    Today looked like a good day to get blindsided.

    I've gone to a few of the seminars, and I don't recall any of the presenters ever suggesting the use of stops.

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  5. I went to the 4x Made Easy presentation, during which the advertised price was 5 thousand US dollars. But of course at the end of their tapdance they were selling it for a mere 3 thou, but wait.....you also get 6 DVD'S and a 2 day training seminar. What a deal!!!....

    They have a 14 day money back warranty so I took it for a spin. During those days the system went down 3 or 4 times lastiing more than 6 hrs. on one ocasion.

    Customer service was allways there (24 hrs.) although unable to help. Then again is allways good to have someone to yell at.

    About the Software. C'mon people is a black box think about it even if it were to work which is not the case, having all that people buying and selling at the same signals would render it moot.

    But the fact is that it doesn not consistently work by itself. it requires operator assistance, meanning you.

    The system requires someone to read correctly the chart to verify their buy-sell signals. But if you know how to read the charts why in the world do u need a redundant $3000 indicator. I backtested 4x Made Easy against simple indicators in my MetaStock Pro and even simple 20-10 exp. moving averages Kick the turd out of 4x ME. Even free softwares souch as Metaquote (MACD or MA experts) turn in better results. If u don't believe it buy the software and test it. (a note of caution: they take a whole month to refund your money, but they do.)

    I am new to forex but been trading stocks for a long time. my humble sugestion is learn technical analisys. 2 practical books I recomend on forex without all the basic and historical bs. are: Day trading the currency market by Kathie Lien and forex trading for maximum profit by Raghee Horner. Both this books are about trading techniques, setups and indicators. They made my transition to Forex much more smooth that I had anticipated.

    I hope this helps.
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    At least you got your money back in a relatively short time. I've heard a few horror stories otherwise.
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  7. 3 Of my actual clients told me they tried the FX made easy software...I wont tell u what was each one experience...just will put it this way....

    they are now my clients... so i guess is not that good. and I agree you can set up tons of free softwares included your own trading platform for free....

    or follow strategies that are public for free in several websites...y post mines in fxstreet.com and there you guys can find 100's of other strategies and at the end get your own criteria and trade under your own consensus of strategies.

    best regards finally is friday market closed and i will sleep! what a day with the Non farm payrolls good but not as good as expected and euro went up and down around 250 pips...crazy currency

    have a great trade everybody
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    Thanks for your insights, and I didn't mind your CAPS.

    What broker do you like to trade Forex with?

    I want to find a broker that is not a "bucket shop",
    which means that they trade against their customers,
    even if it is only in subtle ways.

    My broker knows my stops so it seems to me that
    only the ECN model of business, like IB brokers,
    could be safe.:)
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  9. forex made easy is losing money made even easier
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  10. That's a MYTH.

    Which brokers are "bucket shops"?
    How do the brokers "trade against" their customers?
    Wouldn't the customers be trading against each other?
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