4x Made Easy© ?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by uninvited_guest, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. I believe 4x easy is the same guys as wizetrade, does that say something? I can't confirm that though.
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  2. skepticaltrader

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    The software only works when you get the perfect condition. The chances of sitting there staring at the computer all day looking for the perfect condition is slim to none.

    Like TL TRADER said, if the product was so good then why doesn't the developer just trade it solely with his own account.

    He could retire and live in the Bahamas with an endless supply of money streaming into his account.

    The software is maybe worth $150 in my opinion.
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  3. skepticaltrader

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    You're right, they are the same guys!! Scam artists!!
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  4. nlslax


    They also market a version for Options too.

    Buyer Beware.
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  5. Goodfray


    How do you know that 4x easy is the same guys as wizetrade ?:confused:
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  6. skepticaltrader

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    Check out their websites!!!
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  7. JR97


    I'm very anti Globatec and their (insert market) Made Easy series of software packages. Not because of the software, but the manner, audience, and methods of their advertising and claims. I've occasionally met with a local trading group many of whom are 4X Made Easy users out of all of them only a few make money. So even with "made easy" software, the law of averages looks to hold up.

    Just for poops and giggles, I came up with my own version a while back that was pretty damn close to their overpriced software. To prove a friend wrong, I traded using some methods I read about in their yahoo group. Lo and behold I made some money. I have since adopted some of their concepts into my own and do very well. On the bright side, I guess a lot of those late night infomercial customers provide some liquidity to the markets. But therin lies my issues with "made easy". It's marketed at people who have no business being in the business.
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  8. Their seminar is quite compelling upto the point where they introduce the Software.

    The software chart looks mysteriously like a MACD chart study, which is just a click of the mouse on most charting software.

    CMS offers the same thing plus 80 other studies for free on their VTrader software package.

    So, why would somebody pay between 3 to 4K for 4 X made easy software and 90 bucks a month for an esignal feed?

    I noticed that about 10 per cent of the people at the seminar took home the software.
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  9. nlslax


    Thanks for the update.
    Red Light/Green Light - They also market option and stock software doing about the same thing.
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