4x Made Easy© ?

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  1. Anyone try the 4x Made Easy© software?


    I saw their info commercial and they just had a presentation in my area.
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  3. Joe


  4. OK....thanks Joe

    The software seems VERY expensive and the info commercial was full of get-rich-quick claims. I never did go to the presentation
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    4x Made easy

    Here is how I think: if you cant see what are the price doing and all depends on a pixel in your monitor that you have to calibrate to see if is good enough to put your money at risk, I think is not so good idea.

    Better try to lear how to understand the market, my recommendation is that try out markettraders.com or forextips.com, they have a really good course that will help you to understand what is the price doing, and i think is better to spend a little money in your education than give it away in a black box or lose it because you don't know how to trade.

    Hope help you
  6. Just based on how its marketed and the claims they make I would stay FAR FAR away.

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    I can tell you from first hand experience that this software will not make you a consistent profit.

    There are no prices shown on the charts, just some lines that either go up or down on different time frames.

    The developer of the software says to only trade when you have either all green (up) arrows or all red (down) arrows on the time frame that suits your trading style.

    The problem with that is when you see a condition of either all green or all red you take up a position in a currency, and immediately one of the arrows turns another color. What should you do then? Should you stay in your position or should you get out?

    I notice that during their infomercials they show the best case scenario and show how easy it is, but in reality you very rarely get those conditions to last for any length of time for you to make a profit.

    My suggestion is too stay away from it.
  8. Actually 4xMadeEasy helped me make the best trade of my 2 year career. Maybe it was the best trade that I will ever make.
    Using them, made me a return of 1200% in 2 hours.

    They were giving away $30 Gift cards for dinner at olive gardens if you attend their free 2 hours presentation/seminar/sales pitch.
    So I picked up my girlfriend and went there. I spent less than $5 in gas to pick up my g/f and go to their presentation.
    After attending their sales speech for 2 hours, we got 2 gift cards for $30 each. It was the best ROI ever: 60/5 = 1200%

    Just make sure to ask if they still give the gift cards before you there.

    Happy trading!

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    Actually, when I went there I had to ask for the gift cards. The guy "raised his eyebrows" and flipped one to me.

    Stay Away.
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    I remember seeing an infomercial a couple of years ago about a stock trading "system" that was almost identical in that you simply followed the arrows. Any time I see one of these it always raises the age old question. If their system really works as well as they say why are they trying to sell it rather than just trading it?
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