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  1. Anyone know what makes the guts of their software package work? MACD? Stocastics? Wilders RSI?
    $4,000 is a lot for a software package and there's a lot of alternatives out there.
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    It's an oscillator, maybe stoch or maybe something else. Dont waste your money.
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    Ema crossover.

    Check the forums.

    You'll learn a lot more opening an account with the 4k and watching it go to zero.

    Much better education than giving your trust over to someone/thing to take responsibility from where it rightly belongs: on your shoulders.

    Heh, I went to one of their free seminars which is nothing more than a sales pitch. This guy makes X working 45 minutes day, this girl made 6k last week working 20 minutes.

    When it came down to question time, I started peppering with pressing questions for my own amusement. I could sense/feel some of the wool falling from the sheeple eyes from Q and A and suddenly the promoter thought I had developed alligator arms. No further questions from the rabble rouser. LOL.

    Save your $
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    Is so great I buy 2. Google it and you will find out the real

    :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  5. It is waste of money .Learn how to recognize the trend and based on simple TA trade with it.
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    What is mid boggling is anyone who would pay 4000
    for any software. Think about it, if it was so wonderful why
    are they selling and not trading millions of dollars with it.
    There is no free ride in trading. Hard work and money
    management are the key.

    People use your head....
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    4xmade easy is a very popular product,
    they were even on the news, I believe
  9. Infomercials sell!

  10. <b>E.S.</b>, it looks like you've spent your Saturday pouring thru aged FX posts to check for signs of life. I for one appreciate your efforts... a lot of amusing stuff had the dust blown off for further perusal.

    Bottom line? FX is one tough market to trade, as you well know. I'd guess the failure rate there might be highest of any financial market, and these expired threads do nothing to prove that assumption otherwise :>)

    Thanks for the efforts!
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