4th ID "Steadfast and Loyal" I Salute You!

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  1. Great Job to the men and women of the U.S. Army 4th Infantry Division from Ft. Hood, TX! Also, congratulations to the U.S. Army Special Forces that were also involved with the capture of saddam!

    Let Freedom Ring!


  2. I'll second that salute.

    Is Bin Laden a little less cozy today?

    Are you now or were you in the 4th? I was in Hdq. company 1st Batt. 22nd Inf., 4th Inf. in the 60's.
  3. I am ex-military. I can say with 100% certainty that the government is drastically playing up the role of the 4th I.D. as a morale booster. Trust me, it was all special forces. At most, the grunts merely secured the perimeter...and possibly only <b>after</b> the raid & capture.

    I'm not saying this to diminish the role of the infantrymen. They have one of the toughtest jobs in the world. Just trying to set the facts straight.
  4. The 4th ID's new "digitized" battlefield elements from Ft. Hood, TX have had a special task force assembled with Special Forces members to track down saddam. They have done an excellent job in a quick re-action force to the "reactionable" intel that was recently received by the U.S. Forces for the saddam capture. I give credit where due...Great Job 4th ID and Special Forces!


    U.S. Army 1st Cavalry Division (85 to 88)
    Ft. Hood, TX
  5. U.S. Army 1st Cavalry Division (85 to 88)
    Ft. Hood, TX

    "The horse that was never ridden, the line that was never crossed, and the..."

    Go First Team (75 to 78).
  6. What if all was just staged?

    I still remember some bits of info the tellie transmitted about 2 weeks ago, stating that a kurdish leader proudly said Mr. Hussein had been captured in Tikrit.

    I bet that Dummy or Dick decided, like, "nah, can't give him the chance to play big Arab hero, lets throw him into some hole in the ground after we've given him a few shots of LSD and lets then capture him."

    I heard there's still people out there who believe that the Americans really landed on the moon, or thet Oswald really was the only one behind Kennedys assasination or that Bush really won the election 2000....
  7. 6th Air Cavalry, Ft Hood, 75'-78'.
  8. You believe we landed on the moon, right??
  9. Salute!
  10. I believe it as much as I do believe that it were Japanese planes that attacked Pearl Harbour.
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