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    I recently picked up a used 27" 4k monitor for $50 - at that price, I had to buy it and wanted to see if it would integrate well with my 24" multi-monitor setup.

    My viewing distance is ~28". At 4k resolution w/o scaling, I can see the charts and make out the candlesticks, but forget about reading the numbers. At 125% scaling, I can read the numbers with a little effort. I could get by on this if I only had charts on here I wasn't looking at very often. Realistically, I need to use 150% scaling to comfortably use this monitor. But of course this gives up a lot of real estate.

    Given that a 27" 4k monitor at 150% scaling works for my eyes, how large a monitor would I likely need for 4k resolution at 100% scaling? 32"? 43"? And as the monitors get larger, would I have to increase viewing distance from my current ~28"?

    The 24" multi-monitor setup works for me, but intrigued by the notion that 1 x 4k monitor could replace 4 x 24" HD monitors without losing any screen real estate. Desk real estate is another concern - with 5 x 24" monitors on my desk already, the only option for that 27" 4k monitor was portrait orientation - which isn't bad, it's still shorter than 2 x 24" monitors stacked in landscape, so I don't have to crank my neck further. But seems 32" in portrait could be a neck-wrecker.
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    Windows works better with multiple screens, you'd be opening things and hiding all your charts and trying to shrink windows and resizing all the damn time with 1 huge 48" monitor trying to be 4 screens.

    Stick to 4 x 24"
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    Even with several 24" monitors, I use DisplayFusion to manage screen real estate, so that wouldn't be an issue with larger 4k monitors.
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    Get rid of the wasted bezel area then I guess, simplify things cable wise, you can get 50" 4K screens pretty cheap these days.

    Might do this myself, I'll check DisplayFusion laters.
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    Bezel space hasn't been an issue as half the monitors have super thin bezels, and I've just gotten used to it. I do have a center monitor though. I never understood how people managed setups where looking straight ahead put their focus on the bezels of adjacent monitors - that would drive me nuts, and probably tweak the heck out of my neck to always be turned to one side.

    DF is great - I use it to break down my 24" screens to smaller virtual screens, sized to fit whatever windows I want. For example, I have CNBC streaming in a small virtual screen that takes up maybe 1/6 of a 24" screen.
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    I actually went 1 screen a while back, been running 2 since 2002 area, only trade 2 charts so put 2 tablets either side so I can monitor those while work / watching films / games.

    Got a nasty job soon, so 2 screens required I think :(
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  8. Uh.... What are you doing for the nasty job, filtering porn?
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    That doesn't sound nasty at all, love porn.

    No converting some software to a French customer, so copy, paste, translate, copy paste, REPEAT for ever!!!

    30+ forms :( 4 Excel Documents :(
  10. Outsource man.
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