$4k a day everyday with no losses?

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  1. How much do you charge , i mean monthly.
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    didn't read the link,but i use to make $500-1K average daytrading stocks. probably should scale up.no losing month for years. rarely losing week. i posted my yearly statement several times here.same performance now,only profits are getting smaller and smaller.what's the big deal?

    PS-i'm not selling anything to anyone and don't have any 'subscription' services\sites online. small and VERY LAZY retail guy.
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    you mean some monkey somewhere online made money consistently during the biggest bull market in recent times?
  4. i've had 5 streaks in my 8 year career where i had 20+ consecutive winners. my longest was 34 days. the owner of the firm where i was first trained once had a year with only 7 losing days. (that 34 day streak was magical as it was back when i was a serious leverage addict, now i merely abuse it, but i'm pretty sure i tripled my account during that streak)

    so i can say it does happen... but it is not like it does all the time and when it does even now i get excited. i'm on a 9 day win streak right now and f'ing ecstatic. i'm also in the midst of my worst drawdown ever so that 9 days simply got me 1/2 back to even on the year-> but re-instilled in me the reality of just how fast i can dig my way out when things work out.

    also i'm not sure if my sig every shows anymore: scalping is for suckers, heding is for newbs... hedge your hedges to get real.
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    +1. i forgot about this part. every one is a guru of trading in a bull market :)


    plenty of periods,where one can make money each and every day for weeks. just buy and hold..(wasn't me,cause i'm market neutral guy ) actually-this mega bull run is hardest market for me. i prefer flat or down.it's hard to short those crazy bulls
  6. lol @ beliving things people say on an IM forum.
  7. yea but even being a bull in a bull market means you at least lose money on the down days (for me at least). Winning every day is just nuts, and not small change either.
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    it's not hard in the right environment..there will always people that will have these streaks. goldman sachs had traders who never lost for 200 days straight.
  9. need to step my game up. my new strategy is to buy deep in the money calls.
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