493 million jobs lost worldwide

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    Wal-Mart is worth $250 Billion and $60 Trillion = $60,000 Billions.

    Now 60,000/250 = 240. So $60 Trillion = 240 Wal-Mart companies.

    This means loss of $60 Trillion has shut down 240 Wal-Mart companies in the world.

    Wal-Mart has 2,055,000 employees.

    Now 2,055,000 x 240 = 493200000

    This means 493 million jobs have been lost worldwide because of $60 Trillion loss from commodities, stocks, bonds, real estate. This is DEFINATELY beyond rescue.

  2. Thank g-d I don't work for Walmart then.
  3. I am OK to shut down another 1000 walmart stores.
  4. talknet


    Everybody looks at Job data released by government. But nobody thinks of job-loss which can be equated with $60 Trillion loss.

    I have just posted an example for how much is the $60 Trillion worth to the world economy. I think only 1000 million or 1 billion people have jobs worldwide. If 500 million jobs are lost it's end of world economy.
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    And it's all because of 10 million bad mortgages in the US? Each bad mortgage caused 49 people, somewhere in the world, to lose their job? Wow.

    I would guess that the average monthly payment on the average nonperforming mortgage, is roughly $6000. (Assuming it is refinanced to a 6.5% 30 year fixed rate mortgage, loan amount = $950,000). If each of those 49 people chipped in just $122 per month, they could pay the $6000 mortgage payment! Thus would remove a bad mortgage from the pool, and they could keep their jobs! Seems like a good deal, pay $122 per month and keep your job. why isn't Paulson working on it?