488 out of 500 up on Friday

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    488 of the SandP 500 stocks were up on Friday, and only 12 down. Is this bearish or bullish?
  2. OP is looking at SP500 advances, not new highs, some would look at SP500 advances-declines (A-D), see below:

    S&P 500
    9/24/2010 00:00
    A-D 448

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    No, on Friday, 488 of the stocks in the SandP500 ended the day up.
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    And that means up from the previous close, in other words, they closed higher of Friday than they did on Thursday.
  5. what about it. mkt huge correlation these days. bots .

    get with the program.
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    I'm just asking. Would you consider that a sign of over bought, or a bullish sign.
  7. that's a sign market is manipulated to insiders benefit and if you don't have insider info you will lose

    although Monday is POMO day so must be up
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    A day-to-day change doesn't mean much - the stocks could've just as easily fallen by just as much the day before. You might be better off looking on a weekly scale if you want to use market performance to develop a bias.
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