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    This account was opened long long before. I have not used it for a long time!
    Because of lockdown, I started it again one month ago, focusing on SP

    At the beginning, I traded in a cautious rules. After some profit, I changed to an aggressive one, but failed quickly.

    Now I return to the cautious rules, and will not changed the rules.

    The balance chart attached is created automatically from 'Statement.htm'(downloaded from mt4). I will post it daily if I trade.(Can I post the chart here directly?)

    Any suggestion on trade or English will be welcome:D
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  2. Yes you can. After uploading the file you have a choice to have it added as thumbnail, or have it displayed full size in the text (or both). When you select to have it shown full-size it will be placed at the position where the cursor is at that moment. So you first place your cursor to the desired position and then select this option from the menu.
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    thanks a lot, try next time:)
  4. Sheller


    Failed to post the chart directly. I did not find any choice after upload the chart!@HobbyTrading :)
  5. I guess this is what you want:

    Go to "More Options...", upload your file, then place your cursor at the desired location and click on "Full Image".
    I tried doing that with your picture but it didn't work. The reason was that the file size is too large (1.6 MB). I scaled the picture into a smaller file. Then it worked, as you can see here.

    Alternatively you can directly "drag & drop" the picture file to the desired location in the text box. But again, make sure that the file size is not too large.
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    yes, it is! thanks for you patience!:)
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    The bar colors remind me of the meme :
    You had one job.

    Wish you the best !
  8. You're welcome.
    It would be nice if we get to see more green bars on the chart.
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