48% of Americans see Depression in next 12 months

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    I wonder how many of those people believe cutting spending and cut taxes will improve the economy? How many spent 2007-2008 watching dancing with the nitwits and american idol instead of watching the news and understanding what was going on? How many of those people believe the president was born in Kenya? How many of them post in the Politics and Religion forum of this website?
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    katrina was localized. the police ran away.
    if the food chain from the farms to the city is broken there will be riots and chaos. travel will be banned by the obama dictatorship. an internal passport will be required to travel from one place to the next. private pension funds will be seized by the gov't.
  3. Most american's don't have a clue about anything, let alone what's actually going on. Too busy watching what happens next on jersey shore or trying to be like kim kardashian.
  4. IF you or your spouse have no jobs you are in a depression.

    About 20% of America is already facing this problem on a daily basis.
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    9% unemployment (which is going up)

    Another 10% that are underemployed

    Another 10-20% that are employed but feel like their job security is very low at their company

    A double dip in housing

    $14T in debt

    47mm on food stamps......

    Ya what's not to love about our economic situation? What a bunch of clueless dumbasses
  6. Sobbering video... he says "may turn to violence..."


    "But for victims of five “flash mob” robberies that came within an hour Saturday evening, the shock of being attacked in a touristy part of town was the same.

    Suddenly surrounded by more than a dozen teens who snatched their possessions, the victims said they had no time to react.

    “It was boom, like a swarm of insects,” said Krzysztof Wilkowski, a 34-year-old insurance agent from the northwest suburbs who was attacked by about 20 young men as he sat on his scooter in the 300 block of East Chicago."
  7. "48% of Americans see Depression in next 12 months "

    big deal. americans are mostly not very bright. 80% of americans believe an invisible man in the sky will come down and destroy the earth soon.
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    gang violence at beach in new york
  9. Ha! Good point, who really cares what the masses believe, they are idiots.

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    And that his son can walk on water plus turn water into wine :)
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