48 Laws of power - putting it into practice

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  1. I'm looking for people who have read/are reading this book and are looking to put ideas into practice. We would form a group that corresponds online and talks about strategy, offer ideas/support to other members and comes up with ways to create situations where theory can be put in practice.

    PM if interested.
  2. 48 Laws is an outstanding book. I love it so much, I have a summary of each law saved onto my iphone. And I read them from time to time.

    The best way to apply a law is think of how you can apply one of the laws in an everyday sense, create a strategy to integrate it into your day to day life and play it out to see how it works.
  3. After 48 days one becomes one powerful bastard.

  4. I've read it, and it is an interesting read on Machiavellian type strategies to rise to or maintain power. Unless you are in some type of political or group position to affect an outcome over others, I'm not exactly sure how you intend to apply that towards trading for yourself. I'm doubtful that a small band of elite traders could effect the outcome landscape of the markets.

    Maybe you can elaborate on what practical use the strategies might have for a trader.:confused:
  5. Prince Machiavellian went into exile for using those laws. Be sure this is what you want. Ultimate alienation from others. You fall into the ditch you dig for others. You will give back all the powers you borow from others. (Robspierre masterminded the Reign of Terror and got his head chopped off in the process. If he hadn't done it, stir up the water to catch fish, he'd probably had kept his head and lived to ripe old age).

    I know clergyman who did exactly as as the book said (Law 12 Use selective honesty and generosity to disarm your victim.) Got my grandmother and a bunch of others to entrust him with all their gold. Took off when he filled his chest. Problem was, he got killed by a bunch of bandits as he tried to leave the country. All that hard (but dishonest) work just for getting killed when it's time to enjoy the fruits of your evil labor. Not worth it... Read Robber baron's family heritage. They all suffered horribly or died just as they were about to retire from their corrupt businesses.
  6. I disagree. Take the law of scarcity for example. In business, by making clients aware that you are really busy and that they need to book weeks in advance to see you, they assume you must be really good at what you do.

    This is always the case with good doctors and dentists etc.

    This type of technique tends to elevate your reputation, whether it is deserved or not. This is a subtle thing, but when you begin to combine all the rules in this same way, they can help you get where you want to go. Influence is real power. And at the top end of the ecopolitical world, you need to carefully craft your behaviours to achieve your long term goals. Stumbling your way through life just doesn't cut it.