46% Americans Believe In Creationism According To Latest Gallup Poll

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  1. education is trying but then religious people go to church and have their head filled with nonsense.

    Regular church attendance is strongly positively correlated with believing in creationism, and negatively correlated with believing in theistic evolution and evolution. Among those who attend church weekly, two-thirds believe in creationism, 25 percent believe in theistic evolution and a mere 3 percent believe in evolution.

    Education level is strongly positively correlated with believing in evolution, and theistic evolution, and negatively correlated with believing in creationism.

  2. I want to know. How is it possible for so many people in today's America to be so stupid ? Can we just blame religion, or is it a more widespread problem like low IQ and lack of education. America does not deserve a leadership role in the world given how ignorant it's citizens are. It's pathetic.
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  4. You want to talk about ignorance...the only reason you believe in evolution is because someone told you its real. If you study the science behind evolution, you will quickly see you are sitting on a 2 legged stool.

    And just so you understand...creationism IS education just like evolution. Don't try to monopolize the word as if creationists are not educated just because you don't believe the same things as them.

    Here, educate yourself with this.

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    That seems straightforward enough. Say the opposite of what's physically and scientifically factual and voila.....you're a creationist.
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    That seems straightforward enough. Say the opposite of what's physically and scientifically factual and voila.....you're a creationist.
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    No, we believe in evolution because of the facts, hard evidence you can touch and see. Evolution has a lot of holes and it's not complete yet so I don't like it very much, but at least it's scientific and makes sense while creationism is pure bullshit.

    How can you believe Earth was made in 7 days and expect to be taken seriously, you're a clown. Those 'holy' texts you swear by were written by people throughout centuries, changing the essence a couple of dozen times due to constant translations. The Bible you read today isn't 10% of the original.

    Jesus Christ's teachings have nothing to do with modern Christianity. Religion came after his death. I am a very spiritual man, but spirituality and religion are two different things and while I try to be respectful, I simply cannot understand why someone would need a third person to tell him how they should life their lives. I build my own character, I am not a sheep. Religious people are smart as turds at best.
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    eurojack, I believe your response is reasonable given the media conditioning we all receive. But, lets go over facts.

    1. Science has zero evidence that life evolved from non life. Many scientists state there was not enough time on earth for life to evolve from non life by random chance. So after life came about evolution may have kicked in... but getting to life... science has no evidence.

    2. 24 hour days? that seems like a strawman to most Christians.

    a. a lot went on before the first nightfall and man dispute the idea that genesis is a literal 24 hour day in Hebrew.
    for instance...

    b. time is relative. what seems like a day to someone moving near the speed of light can be millions of years to someone else. So when the universe was forming do we know how fast things were moving relative to say the central point where an observer might be?

    c. the age of the earth or universe is not state in the bible. Some 17th century monk tried to calculate by going through the generations mentioned - but there are gaps.

    3. The constant translation things... seems to be a mis statement.
    in the last 50 years... a lot of old texts have been found and they
    an amazing fidelity and consistency throughout the years... from what I have read.

    4. Religion may have come after his death... but what does that mean? 85 % of the west seems to claim they are trying to follow Jesus teachings. Whether they be in a church or a yoga studio reviewing the great masters.
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    If you believe Genesis is literally true, it's hard to overcome a 6000-year old universe. There are no gaps in the Genesis geneology. If you want to say there are gaps, you have to admit that Genesis is errant.

    Read Genesis 5 and 10. The formula is: A lived X years, and then become the father of B. B lived Y years, and became the father of C...So Adam lived to 130, became the father of Seth. So year 130, Seth is born. Seth lives 105 years, and becomes the father of Enosh. So in year 245, Enosh is born. The math is simple, from Adam to Abraham is about 2000 years. Abraham would have been born about 2000BC. This is calculated from various passages in Genesis and Exodus. That makes Adam's brith about 6000 years ago.

    It doesn't seem likely one can get around a 6000-year old antiquity of mankind from Genesis. You could be creative, and say that what is meant is 'Adam lived 130 years, and became the father of some undefined person, who was the great-great-great...grandfather of Seth.' That seems unlikely, but it's probably the only explanation you could come up with. If you do the math, Methusaleh dies the exact year of the flood. Quite a coincidence, if we're talking about 'great-great-great...grandfathers'. Plus, the phrase 'he had other sons and daughters'--this is very odd, if what is being said is 'A became the father of someone who was the great-great-great...grandfather of B, and A had other sons and daughters.'

    The antiquity of the universe is a little trickier, but I think you have almost as much difficulty. Yes 'day' is 'yom' in Hebrew, which has more than one meaning...but when the law is given, the Hebrews are instructed to honor the Sabbath day, because God rested on the 7th day. So it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense for them to rest on the 7th day, because God rested on the 7th indefinable period of time. Also, the Genesis formula is 'there was evening and morning, a first day...evening and morning, a second day'...sounds like a 'day' as we understand it today.

    And the argument comes back--but how could it be a 24-hour day, when there was no sun on the first few days? The simplest answer, that handles every single difficulty in Genesis--the writer was describing a creation myth. Just like a creation myth that any other culture devised.

    I don't know how anyone would reconcile Genesis with modern science, unless you say that it's all mythology. But if you believe the bible is inspired, you run into other problems--like Paul saying that death and judgment passed from Adam to all men. Hard for that to happen, if he's not a historical person.
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    Does anyone, who doesn't believe in evolution, have a response to this?


    Most scientifically educated Christians, including Ken Miller, Francis Collins, Michael Behe (one of the main proponents of intelligent design) freely admit the common descent of man with all other living creatures. Some of them, like Behe, just believe that God intervened at some point(s).
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