46,000 inmates to be released in california!

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  2. Californa sucks. Why do so many tech companies stay there when they have huge taxes, lots of regulations,welfare and all kinds of issues and now this.

    I thought high taxes drive business away?
  3. Great for gun stores. Everybody's stocking up on ammo. Picked up a new Glock17 while I was there.

  4. High tech companies get favorable tax treatment in California. Everybody else pays through the nose. But even the high tech companies are running out of patience because of the massive regulation and lawsuits. John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, called California the worst place in the country to do business. He said he won't be opening any more facilites here.

    Here's a website that tracks companies leaving/disinvesting:


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    Someone please remind that scrotesac that Silicon Valley is the worst place in the country to drink the groundwater, too.
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    California is one of the best places on earth.

    It's the thugs in Sacramento who have ruined it.

    (Just bringing a little perspective.)
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    Not for long. Wait'll all the bad guys realize just how left wing the place really is, then see all these inmates getting out of jail. Unemployed? Ready to support yourself via criminal enterprise while collecting wonderful taxpayer funded benefits? Don't want to go to jail?

    Move to Cally, baby! It's the land of opportunity!*

    * Not much opportunity for law abiding citizens
  8. California has 11% of the country's population and 32% of the nation's welfare recipients. That pretty much says it all.

  9. Since there are 25,000 illegal immigrants in California prisons, why not load them on buses, drive them to Washington DC and release them on the Supreme Court steps? That would demonstrate rapid compliance with the Supreme Court decision.
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