450 pages now?

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  1. I just heard a commentator on Fox Business say that the draft of the bill is now 450 pages. Is that true? Are we certain there's no transition tax in there? If it is 450 pages that seems like a lot of filler?

  2. Have to wonder how much of it was read? Just "vote and hope"??
  3. I wonder if it's posted online anywhere? Any volunteers to speed read it (LOL)?
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    The bill the Senate is voting on contains a $45 tax credit for buying an energy efficient dishwasher. Seriously.
  5. see attached for the bill, fwiw
  6. Sweet - I could use a new energy efficient dishwasher:)
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    It's a different bill.

    The senate has amended a bill that the House had already passed.

    They added the $700b bailout, the FDIC increase and if it passes the Senate tonight will have to go back to the House for final approval.

    Both houses have to approve the same version of a bill before it goes to the President.
  8. Where does GE rank as the largest manufacturer of energy efficient dishwashers?:D

    They probably through that one in for Buffet.

    from 115 to 400+ pg's, what a joke
  9. They managed to squeeze two minor changes in that extra 447 pages.

    This is warmed over hog shit.
  10. More pages = less Senators will actually read the damn thing = the less they know, the more willing to vote. Just check out the Patriot Act.
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