$45 mil condo sold in NYC

Discussion in 'Politics' started by okwon, Jul 11, 2003.

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  2. I'll wager a lot of money that it was Prince William.
  3. And it's nothing but the shell. Ya gotta put the entire interior in after purchase. No bedrooms, no kitchen (not even w/ diagonal travertine marble), no walls, period.
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    Yeah the article says another $15 mil for the interior work. That brings the total to $60 mil for an apartment.
  5. I don't understand something. Are these pre-existing buildings? One of the articles I read showed two new buildings (apparently).

    Apparently he purchased around 12,000 sq. ft near the 76'th floor (or on it, I can't remember).

    Regardless, he (she) will have a great view of Manhattan, including basically all of Central Park.

    Hopefully this guy is a bachelor.
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    I think it's a brand new building, construction still in progress. If it's the builing I'm thinking of and I'm pretty sure it is, it's right on the corner SW of central park. I've walked by it a few times.