$440 Billion Cost of War

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  1. I Feel that part of this expense is justified and most of it is obviously contrived (Iraq).

    The Cost of War (*Notice: This site opens up an O'Rielly Factor advertisement banner. What an Ass.)

    Well I mean we're knee deep in shit now, what else we gonna do. It's just a total shame those dollars couldn't be allocated else where, considering just after our fearless leader anounced new educational initiatives, congress passes a bill yesterday to cut the budget for college loans and other domestic needs. The "Dick" Cheney made himself available to vote on the senate floor to help ensure the bill's passing (6 votes). The president will sign as well.

    Draggin' our country down the drain.

    Naturally this is my opinion, you are certainly entitled to yours.

  2. I thought all the oil in iraq would pay for the war,,what happened,,best laid plans of mice n men?:confused:
  3. http://www.csmonitor.com/2006/0110/dailyUpdate.html

    Report: Iraq war costs could top $2 trillion

    New study takes into account long-term costs of healthcare for wounded soldiers.

    By Tom Regan | csmonitor.com

    A new study by Columbia University economist Joseph E. Stiglitz, who won the Nobel Prize in economics in 2001, and Harvard lecturer Linda Bilmes concludes that the total costs of the Iraq war could top the $2 trillion mark. Reuters reports this total, which is far above the US administration's prewar projections, takes into account the long term healthcare costs for the 16,000 US soldiers injured in Iraq so far.
    "Even taking a conservative approach, we have been surprised at how large they are," the study said, referring to total war costs. "We can state, with some degree of confidence, that they exceed a trillion dollars."
    The higher $2 trillion amount takes a 'moderate' approach. Both figures are based on the projection that US troops will remain in Iraq until 2010,
  4. see what ya get when ya mess with islam n mohammed.
    with that much dineros, ya could solve the medicare crisis as well as provide coverage for the 40+ millions w/o health ins.
    praise allah.
    praise allah.
  5. This headline may be miseading. Note the word "Extra".

    "With $50 billion already authorized, supplemental military funding for 2006 totals $120 billion."
  6. Wait, I thought this was all about the US grabbing Iraq's oil. So where's that money going?

    Sorry, I forgot, it's going straight into Bush and Cheney's offshore bank accounts.
  7. You got it, that was the idea but they fucked up big time. Remember, Bush was a failure his entire life, all his previous ideas and businesses failed too.
  8. So all that money is in Cheney's offshore bank account and not Bush's?
  9. Perhaps a good portion of that money can be found to be a part of the payments made towards Haliburton's IDIQ contracts :)

    By the way, the federal aid for Louisiana reeling under the double punches handed down by Katrina and Rita are just a fraction of that $440 billion!!!

    From the nola.com website ... Donald Powell, the Gulf Coast rebuilding coordinator, said the additional money would go to housing and levee improvements, among other things, but details won't be available for 10 to 30 days.

    The new spending request would take federal spending on Hurricanes Katrina and Rita to more than $100 billion, Powell said, adding, "That's a lot of money."

    Hmmmm... I agree it is a lot of money indeed. However, from Washingtonpost.com's site ... The Bush administration said Thursday it will ask Congress for $120 billion more for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and $18 billion more for hurricane relief this year.

    Gosh, the total aid for Americans in dire need of help is a fraction of what we are spending in Iraq and Afganistan.

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