44 States....Budget Shortfalls Listing

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  1. Jee, I wonder how they will solve this problem....:confused:
  2. I hope the states choke on their problem.

    Our town is not too big yet they built a new town hall (I would be willing to bet we could fit the entire town population in the town hall), I feel like a bb in a box it is so big. It is an atrium, lofty ceiling, walk 50 yards from the entrance to the window to buy a friggin dog liscense. They probably spend 50k a year on flowers and landscaping.

    I am not impressed, I'd rather have the dollar in my pocket to buy my own flowers for my own yard.
  3. Maybe the 44 should talk to the 6 for advise
  4. As bad as those numbers look, I suggest the numbers are overly optimistic. California alone has raised its budget deficit projection several times from $4 billion, to $8 billion, to $14 billion, and that is just for fiscal year 2009. The California 2010 deficit is now projected to be $25 billion, a whopping 24.8% of the Fiscal Year 2009 General Budget. However, how can anyone have any confidence in the numbers when the projected deficit is revised higher every month?

    CA is in line to become the largest bankruptcy ever- I say within 2
    or 3 years. It will be hysterically funny to see the budget of the Goldenstate administered by a Federal bankruptcy judge
    appionted by George Bush. The irony will be tremendous!
    Interesting that Texas seems to be fiscally sound. I guess this
    illustrates the difference between the social idealist of CA
    and the practical realist(beancounters) of the Lone Star State.
  5. Alaska is doing well.

    And here the Press had me convinced the governor is an ignorant, caribou killing beuty queen.
  6. Has she been a democrat she would have been treated as if she was Joan of Arc and Mother Mary rolled into one.
  7. as for california , the guvernator should have remained in fantasyland hollywood.........hasta la vista el terminator...
  8. Alaska is bankrolled by oil money, the comparison to other states are unfair. There are 5 others states which are great models for fiscal responsibility that could reach the other 44 a thing or two.
  9. In fairness to Arnold, he did try to pass a constitutional admendment to cap state spending based on a formula of
    population growth and inflation. Had this been in place 4 years
    ago the state would actually have a surplus! The voters of CA
    actually shot this proposition down. Go figure? A law that requires
    state Gov. to live within its means. When this proposition lost
    at the polls I knew that the bankruptcy of CA is only a matter of
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