44% affluent investors think it's time to buy stocks

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  1. May 15 (Bloomberg) -- Close to half of affluent U.S. investors see the stock market as a buy, with energy as the industry and Asia as the region to be in.

    The annual Bloomberg/Los Angeles Times poll of investors found that 44 percent of those with household incomes of $100,000 or more viewed it as a good time to buy stocks, versus 15 percent who said it isn't. The benchmark Standard & Poor's 500 index has declined 10 percent from its record high in October.

  2. Affluent investors tend to always be bullish and optimistic, at tops and bottoms. :cool:
  3. they are right

    time to buy
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    So more than half of affluent investors see the market as a SELL....
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  6. That means we are nowhere near the top.
  7. Let me sum up investing in a few words.

    Dollar cost avg into the "market" and over time you should do just fine.

    Thats pretty much it.

  8. Most of these folks also read Wall street Journal and subscribe to Investors Business Daily and they often come here on ET and hark our lowly appointed last men on totem poles known as DAYTRADERS AND SCALPERS OF EMINIS.

    These affluent folks also knock lot of sense in those who view real estate as some kind of millstone around their necks, because it is the single most effective wealth building tool.

  9. You dollar cost average on the upside not the downside. Never ever average down on a sinking stock in your life. It will end your trading account and you will sit at home unable to trade.
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