433% increase in 52 weeks! ITP.to

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  1. It's not a penny stock. It's on the Tsx. It's been a $3.50 stock in 2010.
    What exactly do you mean it's in play?
  2. wear wur you in DEC?
  3. No trend in December, like many other stocks.
    I jumped on board this trend yesterday with 5000 shares at the open @ $6.49. My initial plan was to daytrade, buy at open sell at 1-2% gain. However, she closed Friday at $6.41 and opened 8 cents higher after the weekend so now I'm not so sure of the daytrade.

    Analysts say it's a $7.78-$9.00 stock. I may just monitor movements ane take profits there. My obvious fear is a huge gap down one morning.
  4. This stock keeps opening higher than the previous close!?
  5. Nice breakout today.

    Big volume yesterday and today.
  6. Perhaps the best trending stock for 2012. Can anyone find better?
  7. WOW! Record Volume today, over 2 million shares so far. Anyone know what this means. Everyone always says look for Volume Volume Volume. I never understood this. What does the big spike in volume spike in this stock today mean? I bought 5000 shares at $6.49, Anyone?

    (gorgeous trending chart on this one)
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    Can someone close the thread on this cheerleading newb?
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