430,000 new jobs!!!! But wait out of that 411,000 were temp jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Talk about a bad number!!!!

    I think if the number was 750k+ with 411,000 temp jobs then maybe it would show some kind of relief in the job market but these numbers are no way positive.
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    Indeed. I was surprised.
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    April revised down to 218k from 231k.
  4. Is BO going to hold a presser to congratulate himself? I assume he has a bit of dignity and will not, but you never know.
  5. He has unlimited media support in blaming Bush for at least 2 more years. Three if needed.

    Hussein is doing the best his abilities, experience, and intelligence allows.

  6. S2007S


    Between the job numbers being totally off

    Continuous oil spilling into the gulf with no means of stopping anytime soon

    The EURO about to break 1.20

    And rumors about SocGen Derivative Worries

    why even throw a dime into this market today, either the market totally ignores all this news and turns positive midday or the dow closes back below 10,000 for the millionth time.
  7. Obama cannot fix this. This is 25 years in the making. Policies designed to send US jobs out of this country. White and Blue collar jobs.
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    Stimulative tax policy, a balanced budget, and tariffs against Chindia would go a long way. Yes, I know.
  9. Get ready to be flames the tea baggers , neocons, Jesus freaks are all in agreement 100% of all the problems are Obamas fault, the country was perfect under Bush and then Hussien came along and ruined nirvana, at least according to them.
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    He could fix it easily. He has Democratic majorities in both houses, and they rammed through a hugely unpopular health bill. Plus he has the legacy media on his side.

    The fix is smaller government, much smaller. Reduce taxes for businesses based in the US. Eliminate double taxation of dividends. Deregulate and make it easy to do business. Lift the drilling ban.

    Government is the problem, not the solution.
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