42 USA Senators will Block Google?

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  1. Microsoft Bing blocks pornography search. Whereas google does not block pornography search. That is the reason google search share is 65%.

    The majority of internet traffic is pornography, and probably over three quarters of the male population with access to it, use it, so there's going to be a hell of a lot of murderers and rapists in the near future. In fact, that's pretty much all society is going to consist of. According to statistics, 40% of visitors to porn sites are women.


    Microsoft "Bing" will Overtake Google

    Google might still be the leading search engine in the U.S. by a large margin, but over the last six months, searches powered by Microsoft Bing are increasing at an impressive rate. So impressive, in fact, that if the trend line continues, there will be a real contest between Bing and Google next year — and Bing may just come out on top.

    According to the latest data from Experian Hitwise, Google was responsible for 64.42% of searches in the U.S. in March, 2011. Bing-powered search — which includes both search.yahoo.com and bing.com — accounted for 30% of U.S. searches.



    42 USA Senators ask federal prosecutions of adult pornography

    Nearly half of the members of the U.S. Senate are urging Attorney General Eric Holder to step up federal prosecutions of adult pornography.

    In a letter sent to Holder earlier this week, 42 senators encouraged Holder instruct prosecutors and FBI agents to counter what the lawmakers called "the growing scourge of obscenity in America." Anti-pornography activists have noted with alarm that, under President Barack Obama, the Justice Department has not filed a single new obscenity case anywhere in the country

    "We write to urge the Department of Justice vigorously to enforce federal obscenity laws against major commercial distributors of hardcore adult pornography," the senators wrote. "We believe it is imperative that the Department, with cooperation by the FBI, investigate and prosecute all major producers and distributors of adult obscenity. We need your leadership."

    We know more than ever how illegal adult obscenity contributes to violence against women, addiction, harm to children, and sex trafficking. This material harms individuals, families, and communities and the problems are only getting worse," the senators added.



    The final Warning for World War 3 has been sent, if world pornography is not destroyed and world pornography people and useless people are not culled immediately. World high inflation is unbearable and at its peak. World resources are in serious trouble. Animals are dying of starvation because 1 Billion useless people are eating food and occupying space. If animals die then human beings will not survive.

    42 USA Senators ask federal prosecutions of adult pornography and Google servers are located in USA. Google is one of the biggest reasons for spread of pornography worldwide. So Google will be in serious trouble in coming days because google allows pornography search.
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    I bet God told you this, Lulz.:D
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    I love Bing. Stopped using GOOG about 6 months ago. Insidious fuckers...
  4. Crispy, you are highly intelligent. Everybody learn from "Crispy".

    I have also stopped using Google. Only Microsoft Bing.
  5. Didn't Bing recently get caught for copying Googles search results?

    No. There are numerous news articles online that show how Google manipulated that data to make it look like Bing was copying results, but it wasn't true.

    Google's claim to fame is not really better search. It was generating context-sensitive ads from searches, and that has made them untold billions off the intellectual property of others.

    Google is not the last search engine. Something better is just around the corner.

    Can Bing overcome Google? Doubtful, but possible. Many of us remember when AltaVista, Lycos and even Yahoo were the biggest and best search engines, but they have all faded or vanished. The same is likely to happen to Google.
  6. Who else could tie together Google/Bing, porn, WW3, inflation and animal starvation? Anyway, Holder and the Injustice Dep't won't even go after Black Panthers who intimidate voters (supposed to be a Federal offense). I doubt they'll go after porn unless it discriminates against gays or some other uber-PC offense.
  7. Men have always been horny and always will be horny. I don't use Bing but if it really does block porn searches and 60% of internet searches are for porn, then I don't think Bing will oust Google. Its sad, the internet would be a faster place if lonley men got off their asses and got a girlfriend.

    But no I don't think Bing is going to overtake Google.
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    Well, the basic premise of the OP appears to be wrong. I went to bing and tested it out with one of the internet's most popular search strings, "big boobs". I got the expected listing of web sites.

    What I'll do for the cause of science.
  9. Aliens.... he forget Aliens. OP is slipping.
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    Another great thread, bearice, much obliged.

    US senators and porn and animals too!!!

    What will you think of next? :)
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