42" LCD TV for trading?

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  1. Alright, so I go downstairs to my son's Xbox room and I see that he's got his computer hooked up to the 42" Vizio LCD TV using the RGB input. He's playing around with Youtube and I'm thinking that looks pretty damn good for a TV, I wonder how some NinjaTrader charts would look on it. I expected the charts to look real grainy, but they didn't. I was very impressed. In fact, now I'm considering doing a complete redesign of my office from the floor up to accommodate this size or larger.

    Hear me out. It might seem odd to some. I'm envisioning a larger desk set around 60" from the screen. An extremely comfortable Lazy Boy recliner in back of my regular desk chair, where I can still easily see the charts (for those times when I'm in the money and just waiting for the stop & reverse to hit). By the way were talking daytrading ES here. And my favorite idea, I could put a stairmaster or treadmill right next to the desk, be working-out and still see the screen.

    The 42" I currently have is 1366 x 768, and like I said it already looks great, but Vizio has two other models to consider. One that is 1920 x 1080 (60 hz) and a new one that is 1920 x 1080 (120hz). So here's my questions:

    1) Is your basic video card for smaller monitors (24") the best in this situation, or can I get better resolution with something else?

    2) Is a DVI to HDMI cord the best way to do this?

    3) Should I choose the 120hz model or would it not matter if only charts are displayed?

    I'd also be interested to hear from anyone else that has their rig set up with big screens and how they like it.
  2. gnome


    Is there a maximum length of DVI-HDMI cable?

    Addendum... looked for cables from vendor... saw one for 35 ft, so apparently not a problem. 15 ft cable,

    Could use wireless keyboard and mouse.

    No reason why it wouldn't work so long as you can view it from proper distance.

    60" might be a little close for the 768 res... better the 1080.

    Would not spend the extra money for 120Hz... especially if only going to use for trading..

    Shoot, GET TWO! Impress the neighbors!
  3. bespoke


    There isn't much screen real estate on a 720 but a 1080 looks great. You don't need DVI/HDMI as a VGA HD15 cable will do just fine and it's much cheaper especially if you need a long cable. I run a 25 foot cable to mine.

    Any video card will do. 60 hz is more than fine if its used for trading purposes.

    Sounds like a pretty nice setup. I trade mostly from my bed now :p I've become such a vegetable
  4. I'd want to see the actual computer and LCD connected together so I could see how it looked before I bought anything.
  5. During the days I trade from an office @ CBOT, but while I'm home I connect my laptop to my 42" using this plug that came with the television.

    You need to go into your control panel, of course, to "set up" for having two monitors.

    IT'S GREAT, THOUGH! I'm glad you're enjoying it.

    Having ES & other markets on your big screen TV rocks!!!

  6. Mr J

    Mr J

    I assume you realise you won't get much screen space, at least not if you're used to using 2+ larger monitors. Five feet from the desk, I suppose you wouldn't get away with two 24 inchers would you?
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    Start a new trend... "War Room Trading"...

    Comfy reclining massage chair (with built-in fridge) in dimly lit trading room.

    Wireless mouse.

    4 x 52" LCDs on the front wall...

    Life would be good...

  8. Hell yea!! If I was a single guy with women coming over all the time............:cool:
  9. Diagonal lines looked like shit using Quotetracker. Just a slew of rectangles strung together, but NinjaTrader looked tight. ChartTrader and DOM look good too.
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    That's how diagonals look on my MetaStock and UXGA monitors... of course, had to use a magnifying glass to see it...

    Big pixels from 768 res likely culprit in your case..
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