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  1. The Dell Small Business Catalog came in the mail today and low and behold there was a Vostro 220 Mini-Tower that included a 22" widescreen monitor ( the E2209w ) that I am currently using today.

    Comes with a Core 2 Duo Processor ( 2.66 GHz, the E7300 I believe with 3 mb of L2 cache) and 2 GB's of 800 MHz memory with a 1066 front side bus and Windows Vista. 1-year warranty.

    Not a bad deal, especially considering that the monitor alone goes for $219.

    Only downside is an integrated video card. However, I believe that a dual-output 256mb ATI Radeon HD 3450 can be added for an additional $70.

    There are additional PCI slots on this motherboard, but they are unable to support an additional graphics card without causing a conflict. I found this out the "hard" way nearly a year ago when trying to get a Vostro 420 to support 3 graphics cards.

    Check Page #2 of the February Dell Business Catalog for details and use the E-Value coupon code: 65044-BV3CVK2 when entering your order via your online Dell account.

  2. how many pci slots does this dell have for extra video cards? will dell install extra video cards?
  3. The Vostro comes with additional PCI slots, but I have first hand experience of a "conflict" occurring between the PCI-Express card slot (x16) and the PCI slots at the bottom of the case that you would normally put an additional graphics card in.

    Don't even bother going this route if you need to support more than 2 monitors.

    Instead, go with a Dell Precision T3400 workstation and configure it with 2 dual-output NVS-290 PCI-Express (x16) graphics cards.

    This will support 4 monitors.
  4. We never know for sure until we try about "Vista and 2 or more video cards"...

    In WinXP, however, the Vostro will run 4 monitors... 1, NVS 290x16 + 1, NVS 280 PCI.
  5. Dell probably will NOT install more than one video card in the Vostro. In fact, they will likely say "won't work"... wrong as usual, of course.

    The slots are
    1, PCIEx16
    1, PCIEx1
    2, PCI

    The x1 slot is worthless for a video card.
  6. I have a Vostro 400, and have tried this setup on my rig.

    I also have T3400(s) and agree with Landis82 that they are preferable not only for >2 monitors, but all around as well.
  7. I can build a better computer for less, and have.

    Dell computers are garbage and are loaded with garbage software & spyware which slows down your computer.

    It also comes with Vista, and Dell won't downgrade. Big negative.
  8. better equipped for less than $400??

    hard to believe.. what's your component list?

    i built a fair share myself.
  9. Appears Anaconda is merely a "Dell Hater"... his facts are just about all wrong.

    One could have bought a basic T3400 from Dell's outlet two weeks ago for $330, shipping included... can't beat that.

    I bought one with XP, a Q9300 quad, 2G RAM, 2 optic drives, 250G HD, and a card reader for $612 shipped (included tax)... can't beat THAT, either.
  10. Apparently you are just a moron, as you continue proving with your posts.

    You can buy a barebones kit with better specs, or simply acquire parts on their own. Sales all over the place right now, you would know that if you actually paid attention to stuff like that.

    Dells are a joke, and if you don't know that, you simply confirm that you know little about hardware. The company caters to computer illiterate, hold-my-hand-while-you-rip-me-off morons, which this nation is full of.
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