41 million Americans can't make ends meet

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    "Just a generation ago, a person with $2 million or more in liquid assets would have had enough for a secure retirement. But not today. Combine longer life expectancies and the rising costs of health care, food, transportation and property, and you have financial challenges ahead for the mMillionaire (middle-class Millionaire)."

  2. interesting that the liberals that bitch about a shrinking middle class are the same ones that hire illegals to do yard work and house work, paying no taxes in the bargain....
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  4. that's just poor personal finance. $2m = $100,000 in interest annually in a freaking CD
  5. Are they so poor that they can not clean a house? Are they so poor that they can not sell newspapers at the store? Are there no lawns that need to be mowed? Is there no snow to shovel?

    I live in a country that is full of work.

    Opportunities come to me disguised as problems.

    Maybe I write that in computer terms:

    Opportunities == problems;
  6. Yes, but are the wages paid for that 'work' sufficient to support their family? Probably not. Hence the problem.
  7. Right, but some of them choose not to work because of this. If I had to support my family, I would take whatever job I could get.
  8. i definitely believe this by the rise of payday lenders, i remember about 10 yrs ago there weren't many around, now you see them everywhere
  9. Yes, and you lose well over $100,000 in purchasing power annually through inflation alone - never mind us dollar depreciation.
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