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  2. and you too phantom, you've been somewhat of a ghost..:)..since you started posting. What have you been up to?
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    i often wonder about 40yo

    He seemed legit before he started when i talked him via pm.
  4. That is a recent post, so he is still lurking.

    Well, did ya buy the Subway? or are you making it with your mechanical trading system?

    Would be nice to hear the "rest of the story".

  5. Yes, I've been lurking.

    I decided to stop visiting ET while we started trading our system with real money. My nerves were shot and I needed to concentrate on our trading. After a week, I returned to ET and found my thread was closed. I didn't bother contacting the moderator. Since then I've been lurking. I only responded to that guys thread because he asked a simple favor and everyone just dumped on him. I don't plan on doing other posts after this one. Lurking is just fine and I don't need the attention.

    What happened? We traded full size from the start. I couldn't see any reason why not. I didn't see any mysterious market action waiting for us to enter the market. We made over 20,000 in November. In December we lost about 6,000 and it shook me up. There were no losing months before then. Since then every month has been positive. The last two months we've only made a total of 11,000. If this level of volatility continues, we'll need to make changes. So far, so good.

    I've been papertrading a second system. It should be ready to go in another month.

    Good luck to others starting out. The process I detailed in the journal worked out well for us. Our profits have not been much different than our papertrading, so it was a very good process to go through.
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    you journal was quite the buzz there for a bit. glad to hear everything is going well and wish you continued success.
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    just trading.
  8. Hey,

    Don't pass out just because you did well! Keep the story going.

    It's a real encouragement to those of us still struggling, to know you've made it. (so far... :D)

    Thank you for the update.



    PS: Someone should slap the moderator who shut down that journal. A really great success story almost ruined by ham-handed over-moderation! :(

    Very refreshing to hear a success story.

    To your continued success,

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    40yotrader reappears!

    After a nine month absence, the journal keeper known as 40yotrader unexpectedly resurfaced today. ET members rejoiced, and were heartened to learn that in his absence the once popular journal keeper has been cleaning up in the market place. 40, as he is known to his friends, reported consistent monthly profits, some in the five-digit range, since he started trading last November.

    But all was not wine and roses. Last December showed a negative result, causing concern and doubt that not only resulted in a $6,000 loss, but one of his famous manly cries.

    With the recent banning of Jack Hershey, many veteran ET members had grown unhappy, and rumblings of the message board’s demise were uttered wide and far. But the unexpected return of 40yotrader has given hope to the legions of desperate would be traders nursing hemorrhaging accounts.

    In his brief return, 40 failed to mention if his relationship with his mother-in-law had improved now that he is making big bucks instead of foot-long subs. Nor was there any accounting of how he is able to haul in large profits with a volatility based breakout system in a low volatility market environment.

    With his return, and reports of success, detractors were left with egg salad on their faces. A new thread entitled “Is it possible to trade and lose weight while eating nothing but Subway sandwiches” mysteriously appeared in the Chit Chat section, but informed sources tell us that it is just a coincidence.

    While 40 did post at least two messages on the highly respected board, he informed his loyal supporters that his return would be short-lived. He said that he would be returning to the underground world of the lurker, while working on yet another wildly profitable trading system.
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